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I currently have a student that was sent home last week for suspected pink eye. He came back a couple days later with with a clearance from the doctor stating that he was being treated and was able to return to school. Mom informed me that he is currently on PCN for 10 days. Today is day number 5. So today this student who has ADHD and is considered a behavior issue for many other issues was sent to the clinic because the teacher felt he still had pink eye and he was having a rough day and just wanted me to "send him home"! To top it off we had a 1hour long tordando warning, where the kids were sitting in the hallways for an hour with nothing to do other than sit and stare at the wall and the floor in silence! Which I assume was very difficult for this student.

Anyway, what would you do? Current Assessment: Sclara pink inside corner of eye, no discharge noted, denies pain and itching, afebrile. Currently on day 5 of a 10day PCN treatment.

Would you send home?

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Nope, I would not. Teacher convenience does not trump a doctor's note readmitting the student.

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No way! Kiddo is on ABX and is asympomatic for anything other than allgy eyes...send him back to class and if the teacher sends him again, get administration involved.

Going by what you have stated above... currently being treated. Not symptomatic. No new complaints. Dr's clearance... ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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nope, he's fine. The eye can continue to look a bit irritated for a few days afterward, the discharge is the big issue.

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Nope, keep him in school

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our job is to keep them in school whenever possible! The only place that kid should go is back to class!

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