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what is working on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation like?

I am not sure what it is like to work in Pine Ridge. I do know that unless you yourself are Native American, it is hard to get hired on.

You can work there as a contractor.. They have RNs and NPs contractors working along side the Govt RNs.

How do you get hired on as a contractor? I would be very interested in this. Is there a certain company you go through?

That is a good question. Any company with a Federal Contract# can bid on a job there. I know they use several different companies and currently have ER RNs working contract. Have you posted your resume online? Im not sure we are allowed to post the names of companies here.

No I have not posted my resume online. I am currently working at a facility near the Pine Ridge Reservation. About 3 years ago I applied and called and called, but never got any response, so I quit trying. I sent you an email with my email info, if you wanted to send the name of companies that way.

Hello anyone here worked at Pine Ridge Hospital SD would love to get your feedback.


mclennan, BSN, RN

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I have to ask, as a Native nurse, why are you so keen to work at Pine Ridge?

I am in it just like everyone else to help people because it certainly is not the money enticing me there.