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  1. doitallnurse

    Psyc Nurse schools

    I currently have my BSN. I also have a B.S. in Psychology. I have been thinking very seriously lately about going back and becoming a Pyschiatric Nurse Practitioner. However, I live in rural SD and am wondering if anyone has suggestions on a good online program. Please advise. =)
  2. doitallnurse

    survey preparedness

    Thank you! This will be helpful! We also are expecting surveyors at anytime. Good luck to you as well.
  3. doitallnurse

    survey preparedness

    I am wondering if anyone has forms that they use to do periodic chart audits? Also is there a resource out there for mock survey's or trivia for staff on survey regulations? Thanks,
  4. doitallnurse

    labeling clothing

    I am so tired of using sharpie's to write residents names on their clothing. I'm wondering what label machines you have used? I'd like one where the labels stay on the clothing well, yet are easy to remove if need be? And of course, the cheaper the better.
  5. doitallnurse


    No I have not posted my resume online. I am currently working at a facility near the Pine Ridge Reservation. About 3 years ago I applied and called and called, but never got any response, so I quit trying. I sent you an email with my email info, if you wanted to send the name of companies that way.
  6. doitallnurse


    How do you get hired on as a contractor? I would be very interested in this. Is there a certain company you go through?
  7. doitallnurse

    lazy staff

    Thank you! I know what I need to do, just am not looking forward to it, but like you said, it will be worth it in the long run.
  8. doitallnurse

    lazy staff

    Let me give you a little history. I am the DON at a LTC facility that has several challenging issues. I have been here only a short while and have little experience but am willing to learn and do what is asked by my administrator. I live in an area where it is difficult to recruit nursing staff, basically no one wants to come here. It seems I have to work with the staff I have or do all the work myself. I'm not sure if it is spring fever, but everyone, CNA's and Nurses, seem to be slacking. I have talked and talked to my nursing staff about staying on top of the aides and making sure they are staying busy and not sitting at the nurses station. It seems to go in one ear and out the other. I cannot be on the floor constantly making sure residents are getting checked every 2 hours, vitals and weights are getting done, baths are getting done, etc. IT seems there are very few good charge nurses anymore. The one good nurse I do have, who tries to get on the staff, gets the cold shoulder, staff roll their eyes at her, etc have no respect. So to keep a long story short, what do you do in your facility to make your CNA's/Charge nurse accountable? How do you stay on top of your CNA's and make sure they are getting the job done? Like I said, I am not in an area where I have staff lining up outside my front door. You either deal with what you have or pay out the *ss for temp nurses, which my facility is not in a good financial situation to do. I wish there was an easy answer to this situation, but I'm not optimistic.
  9. doitallnurse

    bird aviary

    Thanks for all the great input. It definitely gives me more to think about.
  10. doitallnurse

    bird aviary

    My facility is looking into a bird aviary for our residents. Actually a staff member was able to purchase a nice one for dirt cheap at an auction. I am concerened with how these have worked for other facilities that have or have had them? Honestly my main concern is compliance with state regulations and running into trouble there. I understand we have to have policies in place and can only have certain birds, we have to have a cleaning schedule...etc. Can any one offer any guidance in this area? Will these be beneficial for the residents or will it simply be nice for a month or so and then just sit in the corner? Thanks for your input.
  11. doitallnurse


    I am not sure what it is like to work in Pine Ridge. I do know that unless you yourself are Native American, it is hard to get hired on.
  12. doitallnurse

    SD Indian Reservation to Get Nursing Home

    I am interested in your story, however when I click on that sight, it says page cannot be found. ???
  13. doitallnurse

    pay in south dakota

    The pay scale where I work, starts at 21.50 for new grads and goes up from there based on years of experience.
  14. doitallnurse

    SD Nurses?

    I am a nurse in South Dakota.
  15. doitallnurse

    Question about SD BON website

    Good luck!