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Does anyone know of any physician websites where they hold discussions like ours? I can't remember the names of sites I have visited wanting to get into physician chats only to be turned away because I am not a Dr??? Why is it that everyone and their mother can browse our discussions, but we can't read what the doc's have to say???? Just curious. :confused:

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It would be interesting to lurk there, wouldn't it? I've never looked for one, but it is also interesting that you'd need "the special handshake" to get in. What's the big secret?


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Heh heh....yeah.........check out interesting.


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Hey Shay, thank you for the "student Dr" site, I'm planning on checking it out after I type this post! It should be very comical:chuckle If you come across any other sites, please let me know! "All Nurses" rules as far as nursing discussions, their are so many topics and it is a big stress reliever to read posts from other nurses:)

Again, thanks


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be prepared will upset you when they get to discussing nurses in general. their conversations can get quite demeaning. i went there once...never again. not worth the aggravation.


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Smilingblue eyes you were right!:( I was tempted to post a comment or two, but why bother???:( :( :(


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I'm still waiting for that halothane idiot to step foot in my hospital. We have had many like him. Ah, the beauty of working night shift when dealing with arrogant docs in training, and attendings for that matter!!!!;)


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Originally posted by Ayanna1172

Smilingblue eyes you were right!:( I was tempted to post a comment or two, but why bother???:( :( :(

Yep. That's what I meant by veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyy interesting. Quite the lot of snot-nosed punks over there, aren't they?? :rolleyes:

I was tempted to post too, but knew I'd just say something stupid and irrational, as I can't keep a very cool head when I'm that mad.

Me and fedupnurse are gonna jack up that halothane guy if he ever shows his face in our hospitals............


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AW come on

they are little boys with no real ideas except indoctrination from elderly lecturers who propably forgotten what a live patient is.

I read the discussion and it reminded me of my 15yo B****ing about his teachers.

Wait until they get into the workplace. It will be their first night oncall with little senior support. Who will direct them?

WHY:D it will BE US DUMB NURSES:nurse:

A couple of years ago I had a vey cocky HO days out of training. My staff had tried to get him to review a young pt with chest pain HE WOULD NOT. His reply was he was on a ward round.

I had been given the ECG to read - obvious anterior MI

Paged this little boy and told him, he wanted to know what training I had to diagnose- 7YRS CCU I said now get your ASS here.

This poor pt went for CABG.

THIS COCKY HO got a pat on the back for picking it up




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JEvans, I can relate to your story about the baby doc taking credit for the nurses' good has happened to me and my colleagues too...many times in our teaching hospital.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had some real authority with our accountability? And someone would say thanks to US when we save a life?


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You may want to write that on the nurses fantasies section!:rolleyes::( :chuckle

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