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Sorry vent ahead.....

Has anyone had to take this course for nursing? I just started it for summer I and boy, is it ever BORING!!!! 6 hours a week......... Its so difficult to swith gears from microbiology and A&P to this, oh I DO NOT like it. It seems easy enough, I am just really having hard time understanding the point of it being a pre-req, maybe its just what this particular teacher chooses to teach that I find so irrevelent. I know I shouldn't complain, I am lucky to have a program to go to in the fall, and I think I am really gonna love it there, but whew, this is brutal.

Has anyone else taken it or have to?

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My big beef with ethics is that they kept rehashing stuff that has been kicked around in SF literature for years. Made it ultra boring for me but the differnt ways of looking at an ethical problem was interesting.

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Actually, I wish I would have taken something like that before I started. I really didn't realize the ethical issues nurses face on a daily basis. Everything from artifical nutrition and fluids for the dying patient, to adequate pain control, etc.

I thought it was very interesting....but you are right. It is extremely hard to change gears. I am more "science-minded". Makes you realize that nursing is truly an art and a science...

All the best to you!


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I had to take a philosophy (ethics) class and ABSOLUTELY HATED IT! It was the biggest waste of time and money! When I started I had a good attitude about it. I couldn't see how an ethics class could NOT benefit my career.

Well, the entire thing focused on ridiculous ethical philosophies (existentialism, utilitarianism, etc.) and philosophers... you couldn't even understand the book......the teacher was a political science instructor, so EVERYTHING we discussed revolved around government. It was so boring i thought I would lose my mind. Nothing is worse for me than spending hours analyzing WHY we should be ethical.

I decided that they require this class at the University so they can make a buck.


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I had to take Classical Ethics (Philosphy) and it was a waste of time also, I feel. But I guess it is something we have to deal with.


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Well, At least I'm not alone :rolleyes:

I guess I wouldn't have such a huge problem with this class if it taught maybe a little on how to deal with things, and how to MAKE ethical decisions blah blah blah, but all we're doing is looking at relativism, absolutism, subjectivism, divine command, and at the end of every lecture he just repeats "well we all have to think for ourselves" well, I guess reading dialogs from plato and analysing obscure biblical passages is going to make us able to answer our own questions??? I can't believe how much I miss micro....

Thank you all for letting me vent and carry on.....

oh and gwenith, you're right about the SF stuff, I see so many similarities, of course someone like my professor would never admit to it.


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I also was forced to take Ethics. Horrible and so difficult. Had two research papers. Thought I had finished with writing papers! Glad it is over!!!!! Waste of time and money in my opinion. Good Luck, it will be over before you know it. HA.


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i took ethics in the fall of 2001 - I have to retake it b/c I withdrew when I was pregnant and experiencing problems. I was at the very end of the course too. grr. Anyway... I am soooo not looking forward to taking it again. But I have to!! I've been putting it off... I think I might take it in the fall and get it overwith. Not only was it boring, but I hated the professor too. :( Maybe if I'd liked the professor that would have made it more bearable!

You have my sympathies! :)

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I just finished taking ethics. Well our school calls it bio-medical ethics... The first test was all about various philosophers and their theories. It was a very hard exam. The other 2 were pretty decent because you could more or so relate it to every day situations. We also had a case study to do. We started with 48 ended with 28. Students hated the class and the prof with a passion. The exams were pretty hard imagine 50 multiple choice and 50 true/false for a total of 100 questions. By the time you got to the true/false you were doubting everything you had down for the multiple choice. I personally think that it wasn't so bad. I learned alot about medicare and insurance.

Good Luck!

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Wow, was I the *only* one who actually enjoyed this class? LOL I guess that explains why I seemed to be the only one who enjoyed my Psych rotation...y'all are making me feel like a freak!



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Next week I will be starting a "Bioethics" class.

I am an "older" student and I think I have developed over the years a strong personal set of ethical values. :saint: :)

What I am concerned about is what will be expected of me as I find my values clashing with what is being taught. I hope this class won't be boring or too challenging!


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Kristi, I loved my biomedical ethics class so much that I took the second course as an elective. We had an awesome professor and a very active class.

I liked my psych rotation, too. I guess we're just oddballs. :D

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