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Permanent Restrictions

hbpa2021 hbpa2021 (New) New Nurse

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Can permanent restrictions ever be removed? I live in Ohio and I have permanent restrictions such as not working in home health, hospice, director positions, etc. I want to relocate to N.C. but they will not reciprocate licensure with any sort of encumbrance. TIAšŸ˜Š

Indiana RN, BSN

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Permanent as in forever and ever or while your in monitoring??


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Yes foreveršŸ˜ž

Indiana RN, BSN

Specializes in Med/Surg & Psych. Has 13 years experience.

OMG! I'm so sorry! That is ridiculous! I hope you can indeed have those removed eventually!

catmom1, BSN, RN

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Hi hbpa2021,

Similar to my state of Nebraska, Ohio has one of the most punitive programs for nurses with disciplinary action on their licenses.

The only way for you to get a real answer to your question is to consult an administrative law attorney who specializes in professional licensure matters.

In my case, after several years of probation, my license is "unencumbered," I.e. I have permission to work in any kind of nursing job, but I will forever have a "black mark" on my license. I have lost many, many job offers the minute my license was looked up.

This is one major reason I don't have a job with health benefits and am crippled by knee arthritis that I need expensive, and un-covered, knee replacement surgery for.

Good luck to you!

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Hello! Are you currently working as a nurse with narc restrictions? I need ideas of places I can work where I wonā€™t need to admin narcs. I hear dialysis is a good place to start. I also heard jails from someone today because they said no narcs can be given there? I donā€™t know ifĀ thatā€™sĀ true or not though. Thank you!