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  1. hbpa2021

    Permanent Restrictions

    Can permanent restrictions ever be removed? I live in Ohio and I have permanent restrictions such as not working in home health, hospice, director positions, etc. I want to relocate to N.C. but they will not reciprocate licensure with any sort of encumbrance. TIA😊
  2. hbpa2021

    Ohio - completing monitoring

    @berdeenbird I don’t have an answer for this but I’m in Ohio and close to completion as well and I just wondered if you have permanent restrictions? I want to move south when I’m done with the probation stuff but I have permanent restrictions too (no management positions, hospice, home health..) and I read that an encumbered license wouldn’t be accepted in the state I’m looking into. Do you have any insight to this? I too only get vague answers from my monitoring agent and just don’t really know where to turn.

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