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  1. Petition to dismiss monitoring program

    Thanks! Not a petition for early release; just to be entered when my contract date is up. I guess it’s routine.
  2. Petition to dismiss monitoring program

    Hi all. I’m getting ready to petition to dismiss my monitoring program after completion. They are requiring me three reasons why the board should dismiss my probation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Obviously one being I don’t pose a t...
  3. End of Monitoring

    Congratulations! I am close to finishing six year contract (3 year had to repeat due to positive peth test) My question is roughly how long are you officially done after your contract date? Thanks!
  4. Charges expunged

    I had felony charges for diversion dropped to a misdemeanor after doing my counties Drug Court program. Also in the monitoring program for my state. Was wondering if anyone had any luck getting their charges expunged. Thanks!
  5. Another dilute urine for IPN

    Don’t give up and let them win!! You can do this! Yes it’s expensive and a big pain in the butt! You worked hard to get your nursing license; don’t throw it all away. There were times I wanted to do the same. I know that you’re going through! Stay...
  6. HPRP help

    I feel your pain! Same thing happened to me when I was two months shy of completing my 3 year program. Had to see an addiction counselor at $1,000 and restart the 3 year contract. Was ready to throw the towel in; but have been a nurse for thirty yea...
  7. Hi. I had felony charges for diversion. Had to go to my states drug court program to get them reduced to a misdemeanor. Also in the monitoring program. Try not to beat yourself up too much. There is a lot of support on these boards. Some of us know e...
  8. Interview Questions

    Hello all. I’m in a monitoring program for diversion. I had an interview where I did disclose that I was in the program. That’s it. Just got a call from HR with questions as to why I’m in program. Any advice?
  9. Florida IPN disaster

    These monitoring programs are all one size fits all and in it to get as much money out of you. I’m glad you have an attorney. Good luck!
  10. Recovery Trek Question/Board Order

    Don’t be surprised if they test you more frequently and/or do Peth test which is a blood test for alcohol metabolites. This do this toward the end. I’ve also heard of people getting hair and nail tests done towards the end also. Good luck!
  11. What job can I do on probation?

    I found employment at a doctors office. I also heard that dialysis hires nurses with stipulations. Hang in there!
  12. Questions! Help please!

    Yes I found employment as a nurse in a doctors office. I had narcotic restrictions which turned a lot of employers off. Don’t get discouraged. Drug court was tough; you can do this!! Good luck!
  13. Questions! Help please!

    I’m sorry you are going through this. I had felony charges for diversion and did one year of drug court. My drug court program would not allow me to work as a nurse. I worked at various non nursing jobs until I graduated from drug court. I’m also in ...
  14. Test suspended /unavailable results on affinity lab test

    Make sure you notify your case manager and keep them in the loop
  15. TNPAP Right or Wrong?

    Unfortunately these monitoring programs are designed as one size fits all. I’m sorry this is happening to you. You should be able to take your Wellbutrin. I would double check.