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Periop course money back


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Good morning everyone,

I am currently taking a the periop course through AORN. Its an internship offered at a teaching hospital. We had to pay the AORN fee of $750

We had a month of didactics and are now in the rotation of the different surgery teams.

I really dont like it. We are scheduled to take our test in July to become certified, but i am thinking about leaving the hospital.

Could i take the test early? Or, if i were to quit, do i get my money back?

Does anybody know?

Why did you have to pay for this class? I've worked at 3 different hospitals and all 3 offer the new hires/new grads Periop 101 included in their orientation, with only 1 of the 3 requiring the new nurse to sign a contract for a period of time of 2 years... It's expensive to orient any new nurse to the OR, this should have been included in the overall costs, in my opinion.

But that doesn't answer your question... Can you take it early? I believe so, your educator schedules the test... As far as a refund, doubt it. AORN Periop 101 is the course material your facility chose you to take, but it's not necessary as some institutions have developed their own training programs, it's just easier for some hospitals to use a ready to use program such as this one... Ultimately, if you want to find out for sure you'll have to call AORN yourself, but only if you paid AORN directly.

Can I ask why you're considering quitting? Is it something with that facility and plan on going to another OR or do you just not find that working in the OR for you?


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Hi, Thank you for your reply.

We asked ourselves the same question of why we payed for it ourselves. We are in an internship and going through the rotations, we are full time employees here, so they do pay us to be there.

I thought i would like the OR but i have realized that this just isn't for me. Also, dont to complain, but the most of the people there treat us like you know what. And i dont fit in there with their mentality. I also miss patient care. I miss working only 3 days a week.

Where i work now, the pay is really low and i am struggeling financially. I work another job on saturdays, which now means i work 6 days a week. I thought i had it all figured out but this just isnt for me.

I emailed AORN and they said that the facility purchased our seats...but we paid for it to the accounting department at the hospital.

Sorry, i kinda went on a rant here..;)

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Well, this sounds like a matter between you and your employer, not you and AORN. However, I would not expect to get any money back- you did receive the course, after all. Personally, I'd never work for an employer that expected me to pay for an orientation program. That, to me, is a red flag. Orientation expenses are something a facility should expect to pay. The only exception that I could see would be if the course weren't actually through the facility but through a school, and the facility merely provided a clinical site.


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Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but taking the PerOp101 and passing the test will not make you CNOR. It will just mean you passed the class. Good luck in your future endeavors. I went back to the floor a few years ago because I missed the patient contact. I soon realized I didn't miss the family contact. We have 8&12 hour shifts in my OR!!! I heart my 12's.

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I am sorry your OR experience hasn't been great at all. If you're leaving the OR why even take the test? All it does it say you completed the PeriOp 101. Unless you're thinking of trying the OR elsewhere. We have 8,10 and 12 hrs shifts as well. Everyone works what they want and takes call accordingly. I came from floor nursing myself and the OR has the strangest personalities. Very territorial and you have to earn everyone's trust. Before you know it though it all comes together and it's great. It does take time. As far as getting your money back I highly doubt it. Was it not clear from the beginning why you had to pay for the course out of pocket? At my hospital they pay for everything in exchange of a 2 yrs contract of course but it includes a 6-9 month orientation on all services as well. I think you're gonna have to chalk up a $750 loss. Good luck in whatever you decide.

Just as counterpoint here, you should finish the class and take the test. Completion of education you initiated is important, looks good on an otherwise skimpy resume, and may prove useful in the future should you have a change of heart, or in a job where such education could prove peripherally or centrally useful. OR techniques and knowledge never can be harmful.

Are you on the clock to rotate through services? If so, I would advise you to stay with it. Paid time education is the best! You may find that you adjust and even start liking the OR. I'm not suggesting staying there if you really give it a go and hate it, but it is commonplace for most workers that a job is, well just a job, and pays for the rest of life.

Poor pay is an issue, but once trained, you can work anywhere. OR is in big demand and pays well in many parts of the country, especially as a traveler.