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I'm sure its been discussed here before. I'm wondering how accurate this "trick" is? Basically you try to reregister for the test and if you cannot (you passed) and if you are directed to the CC info page (you failed). I took my test on March 29th, and walked out dazed and confused. I remember saying "What the hell" almost every question that was asked to me. I clearly do not remember studying anything they asked. So I got home, tried the trick, and got a pop up that read "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I check it daily and the same pop up shows up. I live in the state of california and we do not partake in the quick results, which I think is total BS.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




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There is an extensive thread on this in the NCLEX forum.

Sorry.. super new.. how do I get there? And thank you!


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It works. My friends and I just graduated in December and took our NCLEX-PN's this past February and March and all of us that tried the PVT that didn't make it all the way to the cc page and got the same pop-up, the "good pop-up" has just gotten their letters that they as well as I have passed. But I don't know anyone that has tried it and gotten all the way to the cc page because all I know is that most of my classmates have passed so I really don't know anyone who has failed.

Looks like you passed! And trust me, I cried all the way home thinking I failed because I felt like I didn't know anything!


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By now, if you passed, you should be able to look yourself up in the online CA BRN "license verification" database. Go to, follow the link for "license verification", and look yourself up.

If you passed, generally your name appears in this database within 3 or 4 days of when you took the test.

Good luck!


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You could always try your state's license verification website. While waiting for my results a friend sent me a text saying congratulations. I asked "what for?" and he told me he was on the site just searching his random names of friends and mine came up. I didn't get my official letter for another 4 weeks.

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is that permanent license verification we search for the name or the Temporary license verification and interim verification?

Thank you

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License Search for Registered Nurses and Continuing Education Providers

is this the site where you would enter the name and serch for your name if you pass??pls pls let me know


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It's your states license verification

Go to google and type:

(Whatever state you live in) license verification

Go from there

If you took your test today it's obviously not going to be there and truthfully, you're wasting your time worrying over something you have absolutely no control over.

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no i took my exam on april 5th and is so worry i took from california there are no site which says state license verification is that the site right? i click the license at the top and here it comes

quick hits

which one i suppose to click pls give me the detail

i really need your big help pls....i would appreciate your help..