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Pearson Vue....Question.....

Testing soon :crying2: I was just wondering if anyone knows if the quick results work if it's your 3rd attempt? If I dont pass this time, I will be required to take a review class before I am able to test again...Do you think this would change anything with the trick?? Yeah I know I just need to study my rear off and not be concerned w this silliness, but I have been wondering for days now....so figured I would ask :D

Hi ciprea,

Yes, the PVT is 100% accurate. I, too, passed on my 3rd attempt. Did the PVT on my second attempt...led me to the CC page--failed. Did it on the 3rd

attempt...wouldn't let me register--pass.

All the best! You WILL pass NCLEX!!!!

ALL you need to pass NCLEX is 1 book:

Pearson Vue NCLEX-RN Book (Barnes & Noble - $60)

And DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT sit for the test if you're getting less than 70% on your practice exams!!! It will be a waste of your time & $.



All the best!

Concern yourself with preparing. If you are unsuccessful, it probably would do you some good to take the review class. Good luck.

What state are you in? I live in WA and have searched everywhere trying to figure out how many times I have to take the test? I have already taken it twice and pray (and study) that my 3rd time is a charm. But good luck and I hope you pass!

I live in Florida, I called the BON. Yes I am praying third times a charm !! Good luck to you !


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