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  1. ciprea

    Hillsborough Community College Summer 2013

    I know this seems silly, but has anyone ever applied without having all the pre-req's?? I was attending Galen until I found out Friday that USF is no longer taking their credits. It was really kinda stupid for me to go there since I have all my pre req's with the exception of college alge. I have enrolled in college alg, for classes starting tomorrow, but I hate to wait to apply until June. I know this seems crazy and I really doubt I would get in, but I figured what's the most that can happen...they say apply when the pre req's are done. I have a 3.73. Really wish I would have thought of quitting Galen earlier and would of had this math done!! Anyone ever apply and get in with out all the pre req's ?? lol
  2. ciprea

    SPC LPN-RN Bridge Program!

    I'm an LPN and went to Galen. I have been taking my pre req's at SPC and recently went in to see about appling for the bridge program. I have a 3.4 gpa, I was advised that I would be wasting my time to apply without having a 3.7gpa. I was told I should repeat 4 classes and get an A. The kicker is you can NOT repeat a class that you passed w a C or better at SPC. The advisor had me going all over Pinellas County taking/repeating different classes. My grades were not that bad. For example a B in AP2 lecture and she would like me to go to PHCC or Keiser and repeat the class. Ummm NO, I'm just happy w my B, I have no problem with my B lol I just went to Galen to find out about their program, a little costly but if you transfer everything in (they take 29 credits) the tuition drops 9k, So the program will cost me 11k but I can start in the next class July 20 something. I know they arent accredited by I have all my pre req's for my AA, so I have an AA from SPC and going to use that to return to SPC for the BSN. Hope this helps !
  3. Does anyone have any info on the Transition Program at HCC. I was intending on going to SPC but have decided to try HCC. I was there last week and was told there is no waiting list and to have my app in by January 15. I guess the transition class only starts every summer session. Anyone have any other info. Thanks !!
  4. ciprea

    Do IV certs expire?

    I took an IV class in 2006 does it expire?
  5. ciprea

    Wait Time on Pearson Vue Quick Vue

    Just received mine ......PASS !!! jlfoster, have you tried again....should be coming very soon
  6. ciprea

    exam cram or saunders edition 4 practice questions

    I graduated in 2006, failed once in 2006 and again July 2007. My third attempt was this past wed (still waiting on official results) I pretty much only used CramExam, Saunders we used all through school and I just dont care for that book much. I got the good pop up with 85 questions.... Used all Cram Exam answered maybe 400 Saunders questions passed after 5 years ! Honestly though I would go with what book you like using, I hated studing when I was using Saunders, but I enjoyed the cram exam disk alot.... therefore I would study more.... Best of Luck to YOU !!!!
  7. ciprea

    Wait Time on Pearson Vue Quick Vue

    I know how you feel ! I took mine Wednesday also, test was at 11, I finished at 1:15...just checked again and still no final results : ( I have a feeling we will have to wait til 48 hours from finish time ...........
  8. ciprea

    JUST TOOK NCLEX, what does client has an open

    so i just checked again it said delivery successful, Our records indicated that you have recentainly scheduled this exam....please contact BON, another registeration can not be made at this time GOOD POP UP ??????
  9. just got home, tested today, 85 questions what does "client has an open registeration, can not schedule at this time...... under delivery is says "ready for delivery" Is this the good pop up or has it not been delivered yet??? Please help
  10. So I test tomorrow at 11, this will be my third attempt and I graduated in 2006 ! I have used Cram Exam (1300), and some Saunders (1300 questions) some kaplan questions (300) I ve learned the ending in pharm...ie lol, pril, azo, etc I have the math down and the infectious control, I just feel like I do not know enough.
  11. ciprea


    Congrats !!!!! :clpty: I test tomorrow at 11, any last words of advise? How long did you study for? (it will my third attempt as well )
  12. ciprea

    Your top study materials for NCLEX?

    Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment : )
  13. ciprea

    Contact Precautions: You should know them forwards and backwards

    Found this post very useful !!! Bump
  14. ciprea

    Took NCELX-RN yesterday, graduated a YEAR AGO...

    Yes please let us know the book you used ! That's so awesome !!! Congrats !!! :clpty:
  15. ciprea

    Took NCELX-RN yesterday, graduated a YEAR AGO...

    Love your post, too cute....I must say I am jealous though, because it appears in 12 hours of study time YOU PULLED IT OFF !! lol It's awesome though !!!! CONGRATS TO YOU !!!
  16. ciprea

    April NCLEX-PN Takers: Please Post Your Thoughts

    Bump thread up : )