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pearls of wisdom

I teach CNA course at a local Vo-Tech school. I have all adult students. Does anyone have any concepts or ideas they'd like share. Examples suchas working smarter not harder. Thanxs in advance for your help.

Always do the right thing.

This means different things to different people. I always take it as Let your conscience be your moral compass.

prmenrs, RN

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"Many hands make light work." "What I do if this patient were my [mother, father, grandmother/father, child?"


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I recently came across a quote that I am now using for my signature line.....

How about treating EVERYONE with respect? Always be nice to housekeeping...we'd be in trouble without them! It is a big pet peeve of mine when people treat others with less respect than they deserve.

:Melody: Super

How about....keeping yourself healthy or stress the value of team work, etc.


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This one I got from my first semester nursing instructor:

They may not always remember what you say...but they will always remember how you said it.

She is a wonderful woman my instructor.

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