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I'll be graduating with my RN in August, and have been asked by a homebirth CNM to be her birth assistant!! I'm extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity. It feels a little early to start talking with her about pay, but I'm curious as to what pay percentage a birth assistant would typically receive? She charges $4200 per birth. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, so it'd be nice to have some sort of reference point before we discuss it. Thanks!


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I was offered a similar position (which I wasn't able to take) and I *think* it was around $350 per birth. The $4200 is likely her charge for prenatal care + delivery so take into account the other expenses she is covering with that. forums might be a good spot to ask this question. Good luck.

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Midwifery today website forums also may be great place to look for this info.

What a wonderful opportunity to get a great foundation in normal birth! Have a blast!


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wow, sounds like a great opportunity! Good Luck!


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Thanks so much!!


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Just wondering if this was a person you knew personally, or just applied. This sounds like exactly what I want to do. I graduate with my BSN in August, and would love to work at a birthing center or homebirths.


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Pcherry-I'm with you! This is like my dream job!


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Yes, I knew her. I actually had a homebirth and she was my midwife. We kept in touch over the past couple years, and since I've been in school, I asked if I could shadow her at prenatal visits on my days off. That turned into attending births with her, and then a job offer! This is also my dream job!!! :heartbeat


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I'm in the exact same position! :D I didn't think I would like it, but now shadowing my midwife (she delivered my babies), I LOVE it. I'm applying to frontier soon if I can make a decent grade on the MAT. My GPA sucks :( I'm not sure exactly how much she is going to pay me, we are still getting everything worked out. I will let you know when I do though. What is your email? I can't pm yet...still new

Ultimate goal-become a CNM & start my own birth center practice!

Good luck to you!


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Ultimate goal-become a CNM & start my own birth center practice!


me too!

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WOW! I wish I could make that much. I am an RN/homebirth assistant in Lancaster, PA. I get $150 per birth pay directly from the clients. But our home birth CNMs here on average get $1600 for prenatal, L&D, and postpartum care.