Patient without a bed ( or anything else)


Medical supply company took everything back with only two hours notice. Their error they filed paperwork incorrectly. Any suggestions this happened to anyone before? I don't believe I have read anything like this previously. I am quite speechless actually.

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We'd have to know why they took everything back. Does the paperwork need to be refiled? If there was only two hours notice, seems like they could have refused entry until other arrangements were made, but its too late for that now.


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Wow. What type of equipment? (besides the bed, I mean) I can't imagine them collecting ventilators, pulse oxes, suction machines, or critical equipm

ent without notice. What is your patient doing without a bed? And it was their mistake?? The patients I work with would've immediately been on the phone to the DME company, the nursing agency, and probably the governor, and then would probably refuse to allow the DME person access to the patient/equipment.

I've never heard of or seen this done without other arrangements being made beforehand. That's ridiculous. I'm curious how it turns out for you and your patient.

Good luck.

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I have not heard of anything like that. On the surface, it makes very little sense, and to me it's inconceivable that a person who is dependent on the vent, the suction machine, oxygen, etc could have their DME repossessed.

I'd like to hear more details, though!

Took everything but the respiratory equipment; that is with a different company. Did not sleep basically for over 24 hours. Don't want to get too detailed about the client of course; the company wasn't being paid and said they would give 2 days notice before they came so other arrangements could be made then showed up 2 hrs later and took everything back. No nursing in day only night ; if I was there I absolutely would have turned them away until we had other arrangements. So mad!!! Insurance rep said they were billing incorrectly. Could have all been solved with a few phone calls . Their loss already have new supplier coming out today.

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That is awful, and yes, don't want you to compromuse their pruvacy or get too specific with details. My heart goes out to the client, who always gets the worst of it in disputes like this.

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That poor patient! It's hard enough for families to deal with the needs of the patient besides being constantly forced to advocate for supplies and DME. It's frustrating. We are going through the same issue with my patient being switched over to Medicare. Said we had one week notice to visit MD or the equipment would be removed. Glad your patient got this sorted out.


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Could have been resolved over the phone with a "built-in" "delay" for the pick-up. As often as I have seen appointments for pick-up or delivery late or missed, there shouldn't have been a problem with this course of action.