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Patient complaint


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This is a new one. Yesterday a patient complained that my breasts are too big. I am seriously not making this up. I was called into the office and told about it. I am not a little woman. Yes, I am busty but I am middle age and have 3 grown children. I also have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The manager that called me in said no worries, but I still cannot believe the gall of the general public. I am a 20 year old super model!! My coworker got a huge laugh out of it though!!

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Now, this takes the cake of patient complaints I've heard

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Jerk! (I wanted to say something stronger but those words are censored) lol

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Ok. I did have a patient complain once that my eyes were too blue. Apparently he thought I was wearing colored contacts. They don't make them for my prescription not that I would wear them anyway.

Most. Ridiculous. Complaint. Ever.

I can only assume a female patient made that complaint ;). seriously though that is the dumbest one I have ever heard.

I had a patient complain about my voice because they thought i sounded that way because I smoked. I called the patient and got to explain that I never touched tobacco but boy does allergy season get me. Crickets on the other side of the line.


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Why was this complaint even passed on to you?? Ridiculous.


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Why was this complaint even passed on to you?? Ridiculous.

That's what I wondered too.

I have had clients complain that I know what I am doing and that I do my job. Even taking the mentality I am dealing with at the time into consideration, never been able to figure that one out.

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I had a coworker (and friend) that was called into the office because another co worker complained that his penis was too prominent in his scrub pants. I'm not even kidding. Now, I know this man well. He does not wear tight pants. But...well...somethings can't be easily hidden (we work out together...need I say more?). Any way, he was asked to wear bicycle shorts under his scrubs. I told him that he should file a sexual harassment charge against the coworker that complained. My friend was so embarrassed and uncomfortable. I couldn't even believe the manager agreed to address such a thing. Is it mandatory that they address all complaints? No matter how silly?

I also had a female boss comment that my breasts were getting huge...I was very pregnant. And she said this in front of a brand new (male) manager. I could NOT believe it. People are just dumb!

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The only silly complaint I ever had was when I refused to write a letter of medical necessity for 1st class airline travel due to chronic pain. I was informed of the complaint with a "Do you believe this entitled idiot? frame of mind. We all had a good laugh at her, and that was the end of it. No one would even return the call about that one, and she never called back.

I get complaints about refusing to fill narcotics all the time. They go directly to the circular file. In our group, no complaint having to do with controlled drugs is EVER even evaluated, pt is just advised to go elsewhere for their care.

If a patient voiced a complaint about a colleague or staff member like the one in the OP or the one regarding the scrub issue for the male, I'd have told the patient they were being completely inappropriate and to take care to respect our staff in the future, or find another clinic.

These patients need to be schooled.