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I am struggling in a nsg class and if i do not pass i will be out of nsg school. Is there anyone that was not successful in nsg school and had to apply at another one? I feel like i fell off my bike and scraped my knees but i can brush the dirt off and get back on the bike and try it again. Why do people think that you are suposed to cry? Crying can lead to deep depression and other things. I can see if there was just one nsg school and if you are not successful you won't be a nurse then i would cry. I have never had ? like the ones you get in nsg school. I have problems applying my information to the ?'s according to my instructor.

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Actually crying and letting out emotions can be good for you, but I digress.

I had a friend in nursing school who had failed out of one school and she ended up graduating from our school so it can be done!

There were several people who failed in my class that re-entered at that same place the following year. There were a few others that had failed and rejoined my class and graduated with us. I agree, it can certainly be done!

I agree, it can certainly be done!

What is required, is dogged perseverance.

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I would like to share my story with you. I have been a nurse for 12 years now. I failed out of nursing 201 (the whole program consisted of 101, 102, 201, 202 plus pre-reqs) I thought it was just the end of the world! I was so jealous of all my former classmates that went on to graduate, I was angry and resentful the following year when I had to repeat the class. I was ESPECIALLY irritated/jealous/resentful when I had to work as a nurses aide UNDER one of my former classmates. grrrrr.....I am still irritated at that woman, she did NOT know how to treat NAs. But I digress.....

The second time through was a completely different experience. First I made friends with a girl who had to repeat just like me, a girl I never knew the first time through the class but we bonded over having the same feelings (above) and we are BEST friends today. I wouldn't have that beautiful person in my life had the circumstances been different. And the second time I passed, I passed with flying colors because I actually UNDERSTOOD the concepts we were being taught. I learned to UNDERSTAND, and not just memorize. I had the "lightbulb" moment and became a GREAT nurse. I suppose I could have squeaked by and been an insecure unsure nurse who could be potentially dangerous, but instead I took that extra year to really "get it" and became an excellent nurse. I wouldn't change the whole experience for anything.

I know you're hurting today, but, honestly, at the big picture of it all, it will all work out exactly as it is supposed to. Plus I think you already are formulating a plan, and looking at moving on, and not just wallowing in self pity or beating yourself up. good luck to you!

It's not the "end of the world" . . . if you have to re-apply and start from scratch, you'll know the material better. If you want to be a nurse, stick with it!

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I, too, can promise you that if you want this badly enough, you'll find a way to make it happen.

I met one of my closest friends on day one of nursing school. We were not particularly close right off the bat, but as time went on, we became very good buddies. We'd lunch and study together, complain about the same things... As time went on, she began to struggle a bit during our third semester. She eventually was not successful and had to leave the program. She was devastated, and I was heartbroken for her. Because I was the student speaker, she attended our graduation, which had to have been sheer hell for her. She reapplied for admission for the next year and was TURNED DOWN. Talk about a kick in the teeth. The nursing administration made her jump through a lot of hoops that other readmits did not have to go through, but they eventually relented and allowed her readmission. She graduated this past May, and now works with me. She is an intelligent, compassionate and caring nurse, and is an asset to the profession.

I guess my point is that with perserverance, attitude and determination, all things are possible.

I wish you much good luck and success.

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Have you asked the school for tutoring? See if you can get some personal attention, ask your teachers if you have a specific area of weakness. Are you sure you don't have some kind of learning disability? As a consumer of the school you should take advantage of all the opportunities to succeed that they offer. Don't let them let you fall between the cracks. Succeeding is much more important to you than to them so fight for it. Good luck!

While in school, several of my classmates that did not progress in our nursing program said they would try to attend another nursing program at another nursing school. Many in the end simply just came back to the program a year or so later.

It may be a challenge to find a program that would be forgiving and admit a student that did not progress in another nursing program for academic reasons.

Thank you all for your supportive comments. I never wanted to be the student that just bearly makes it while in the program. I have decided to persue my bachelors degree which i will be finished in 1.5 and persue nursing as a 2nd degree option. The good thing for me is that i know what a care plan is an assessment and other vital information so i should excel. I was in a excelarated ADN program and when you fail out you have to wait 5yrs before reapplying. There really was not much help/tutoring. I never get why teachers say study ABC & when you get the exam you are tested on HIJ. I have learned alot with this experience and will be a better nurse when it's all said and done.:nurse:

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