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passing the nclex


I took my nclex pn in san diego ca on nov 2, 2009 i got my results nov 17, 2009 i graduated from kaplan in aug 20, 2009 i studied the orange book nclexpn read a chapter, every day, i followed the the nclex forum here everyday for inspiration and for some new information. for all the new comers to this site and for all that took the test, i want you to know that i also tried the pearsonvue trick and yes it indeed truely work. i took the test and and ran home to check to see. and yes it would not let me go to the cc page. I had about 109 questions. honestly i dont know if studying helped. i probably got 1 or 2 questioned i might of knew the rest i quessed using the process of elimination. eliminating what i didnt know but what i did know is i was not nervous, here is why.

you are allowed to take it as many times as you have to in order to pass. so as long as i knew that i was not nervous, i prayed and took the test as if it was a practice test to me to see how i would do. and i passed. now i know people don't have 200 hundred dollars to dish out every time they failed. im just letting you know what kept me from being nervous while taking the test, i knew i had a credit card and i knew i was able to pay as many times as it took to pass so i took the test with that frame of mind, that i was able to take the test again, and to see how the test was. you can study to your blue in the face, you can try to remember everything you studied, honestly its not going to happen. your mind is going to go blake because of the way they ask the questions, your going to repeat a phrase like *** is this and *** is they talking about, then your brain goes to this phase, i don't fk this got damn answer and how the fk im suppose to know that. its actually funny all the emotions you go through taking this test. with all of that i still wasn't nervous taking the test.

all i can say is have fun taking the test, and don't let it consume you to the point you let the test over power your mind. you will make it to the finish line just as i and many others good luck and god bless



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I need to ask what is the pearsonvue trick b/c I am currently studing for the NCLEX-PN. And I could use some study tips to help with the level of stress :bluecry1:I am feeling. "O" and by the way good job on passing the NCLEX:up:.

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took test on friday....waiting on results!!!! omg...tried pearsonvue trick and it wouldnt let me pay....according to the trick...it says i passed!!! :nurse: i hope it was so right....of course we are always skeptical when its your turn!!! good luck to all....yes!!! im still unsure..but a little happy that it didnt accept my cc!!! :nurse:


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contratulations on passing Nclex you guys.And mochababy your post is very encouraging ,made me a bit less stressful, I am currently studying for the nclex pn should be taking it in 2 months .


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Congratulations :)