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I have taken the NCLEX twice and failed both times... I graduated in March 2008...I've paid for extra help to pass the test, I have about 6 diff NCLEX review books that I study from, I'm not sure what to do. I plan to take the test again whenever I get my ATT back, and who knows when that will happen last time it took 3months to get that....I'm just frustrated not to mention that I graduated top of my class and now I'm having issues passing my Boards.. Does anyone have any suggestions that will assist me in passing the NCLEX???

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Practise questions and aim for approx 100 a day and read the rationale even if you got it right. Only study an area if you feel you are struggling with it just keep practising questions

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What do you think is your weakness? Actual knowledge? Reading the questions correctly? Nerves?


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I would say Nerve the first time I took it I had 205 questions that was in June 2008, I took it again March 2009 and had 105 questions....I do well answering the questions on my CD-ROM but I have mainly memorized them.. I graduated March 2008 now its June 2009... I'm afraid I have forgot alot of concept because it is no longer fresh. I'm currently unemployed so I considered purchasing a PN-review from since I have so much time on my hands... What do you think??:nurse:


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Hi Queen-Leo! I purchased and it was pretty good. I liked the Questions on there, however, the review I didn't care for it much. I highly suggest getting EXAM CRAM NCLEX-PN! I used that for about 5 days before my test and it had a lot of memory tips. I like it A LOT. The book says give at least 2 weeks, two hours a day to review the book.

Another thing I read a couple of days prior to my test was the thread "Random Fact throwing" that also helped a lot. For example: Airborne precautions MTV measles, tb, varicella...I just remembered MTV lol.


one last thing...PRAY!!! :yeah:


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Which Exam Cram Edition???


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I believe the 2nd edition...or whatever edition they have at Barnes or Borders. Hope it helps, let me know how you like it. Or maybe look through the book and see if you like it!!!

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