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  1. Queen-Leo

    Failed NCLEX PN, desperately need help :(

    Hi, I have taken the NCLEX PN 3x and I plan to take it again in January. I'm sorry you didn't pass your boards the 1st time but keep trying you will get it. I pray that you pass them the 2nd time around. I've been reading the post and the nurses on this forum are so encouraging. Good Luck you will pass !!!!
  2. Queen-Leo

    Passing the NCLEX PN

    Which Exam Cram Edition???
  3. Hello Fellow Nurses, I wanted to know if anyone has used the NCLEX-PN review from Learningext.com? If so was it useful and would you recommend it to someone who has failed the NCLEX. I'm considering purchasing the 3 or 5 week review..
  4. Queen-Leo

    Passing the NCLEX PN

    I would say Nerve the first time I took it I had 205 questions that was in June 2008, I took it again March 2009 and had 105 questions....I do well answering the questions on my CD-ROM but I have mainly memorized them.. I graduated March 2008 now its June 2009... I'm afraid I have forgot alot of concept because it is no longer fresh. I'm currently unemployed so I considered purchasing a PN-review from learningext.com since I have so much time on my hands... What do you think??
  5. Queen-Leo

    How long do you think it will take?

    I would follow up with her tomorrow. It will not hurt anything it may expedite the hiring process...
  6. Queen-Leo

    License Exam After graduating

    I agree take the test before your mission trip if possible. I think if I had taken the test shortly after graduation I may have passed. So take it from someone who waited ... Don't Wait.... Take the test and then look for a job when you get back....
  7. Queen-Leo

    Got fired

    I'm sorry to hear that you got fired...When one door closes another will open I promise. It sounds like you didn't need to be there anyway. You will find another job keep your head ....
  8. Queen-Leo

    June 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    I just joined the forum tonight...After reading a few post I don't feel so bad about failing the NCLEX twice...I thought I was the only one having issues passing the test...I graduated top of my nursing class and I'm frustrated and tired of studying for this test.... Good Luck to you and everyone else taking the TEST .... My prayers are with you ... The test can not get any bigger ... We can and will pass !!!!!
  9. Queen-Leo

    Passing the NCLEX PN

    Hi, I have taken the NCLEX twice and failed both times... I graduated in March 2008...I've paid for extra help to pass the test, I have about 6 diff NCLEX review books that I study from, I'm not sure what to do. I plan to take the test again whenever I get my ATT back, and who knows when that will happen last time it took 3months to get that....I'm just frustrated not to mention that I graduated top of my class and now I'm having issues passing my Boards.. Does anyone have any suggestions that will assist me in passing the NCLEX???