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Well thank goodness nursing school is over. :D Now the challenge of the NCLEX. :icon_roll I am not taking Kaplain....I do have a Kaplain book to review along with the CD. My school is doing a 3 day review by Hesi I think. I have Saunders and am planning to go it alone. Is this enough??????????????? I already have anxiety:uhoh3:

If anyone has suggestions for the plan of attack I would appreciate the input. :specs:

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Congratulations!!!! I am still a year away from taking the NCLEX but once I reach that point, I'll be using all the NCLEX study guides that I can. The more questions and rationales that you are exposed to may help build your knowledge base and a few rationales you learned from another source just may be your passing ticket! I wish you luck passing the NCLEX for the first time!

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Many have passed using just Saunders on it's own. I wouldn't get too many resources as can get too confusing.


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When you schedule your test make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare, from one to three months. Make a schedule and put it on a calendar. Use the Saunders Comprehensive Review. Do as many questions as possible and study the rationales. Relax the day before. You should be ok. Congratulations on finishing school and good luck on the NCLEX.


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Thanks for your expertise!

I like the strategy you shared with me. I am trying not to stress over the big test.

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