Passed Nov 2014-3rd attempt!


Hello, I just wanted to repay the favor to everyone who has posted on this site with tips and encouragement for beating this exam and want to share my experience with those who will be taking it soon.

A bit of a background on me: I graduated from nursing school in 2012- that's about 2 and a half years ago! I was an average student- did okay on exams but clinicals is where I thrive in. I am NOT a good test taker so the NCLEX was a big challenge for me. I was only 22 when I graduated so I was pretty drained after school- decided to take a looong break before my 1st attempt. Many people suggest you take the exam right after graduating but I waited for about 6 months. I highly suggest you take it early but like me you can definitely do it if you wait, it'll just be a bit harder. Well as figured I totally bombed it, was not prepared at all. I only prepped by doing chapter questions from Saunders

Second attempt:

Life happened in the meantime leaving me with little time to study. Finally I made it my 2014 resolution to pass the NCLEX. My second attempt I focused on reviewing content to refresh my memory. I used the Saunders Comp Review and Exam Cram. I also downloaded the Review Guide found on here and the Kaplan RN course book to my iPad. I re-took the test in April 2014 and failed. I focused too much on content and ran out of time to do practice questions. I found my weak point of SATA questions and priority questions.

Third times the charm!

With a game plan I gave myself 2 months to study for my third attempt. The first month was a refresher and the second month was crunchtime- I studied for about 5 hours non stop everyday while working non the less. I focused on doing about 100 questions a day. I purchased La Charity, Saunders Q&A Review-highly recommended and the Kaplan Strategies book. I rewrote the questions with rationales of the questions I got wrong after every section. A few days before the exam, I typed everything out and made my own study guide from all my notes. From there I only read those notes. i can finally say that I am a BSN-RN!! Passed the test with 77 questions.

If I can pass this test, you definitely can too. I self studied really disciplined myself- I hope this gives inspiration to those who are re-taking the NCLEX!


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Congratulations . And way to go on not givin up . :)

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It's not a matter of "beating" this test---it's not an enemy!! The privilege of being allowed to sit for the exam and earn that license is your reward after all the blood, sweat and tears of nursing school!!


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bear88 Congrats so happy for you! I am doing Questions everyday from Kaplan Qbanks or Trainers my average at 60% My weakness were priority and SATA so I did Joan workshop helped me how to answer those questions! I am taking my second attempt less than 3 weeks! Can you email me you notes if you don't mind I can go over them before my exams? Thanks (my email


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hiii bear88 congress ,I have also test on coming week ,I sooooo scared ,can u please give me guide and can u please send me ur notes if you don't mind I realy apperiate your help I am using Kaplan and some other different online quiz and I am with just 55 to 65 % am not sure am ready or not ,please help me .....thanks a lot


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I am using Kaplan! My total Qtrainers score is 62% My scores varies... high 50% 60% or 70% I am writing all my wrong answers I understand why I get it wrong most of the time I google to review contents about the questions!!! when are you planning to take the board? Mine less than 3 weeks my second attempt! I was 40% average I get improved a lot by reviewing contents and understand how to answer high level of critical thinking!


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Congrats !!


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Way to go!


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Congrats on passing the nclex. you put the hard work in so you very much deserve it. And thanks for posting your experience for those like me who have not taken it yet. I'm using Saunders comp pn and ATI. Can you tell me where to find the Kaplan Qbank and Kaplan strategies and also is there any math problems on the exam. Thank You


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Kaplan qbank is $300 . Go to for more info and if u want free stuff attend some online live of kaplan .:)


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Absolutely computation will be administered is a part of the exam. For more info about the nclex exam go to