PASSED NCLEX. Uworld. PVT March 2016


I wanted to share my experiences because this site has helped me so much, so I promised I would tell my story.

Background: Earned my BSN mid December. I took an entire month off before I started studying. I gave myself about 3-4 weeks but did not study hard until the last 2 weeks. I did not study hours everyday until the last 2 days(12 hours and then 14 hours). I also did practice questions at work.

Sources: UWORLD UWORLD UWORLD. I would not have passed without it. The NCLEX looks exactly like this and I swear by it and thank them for my success. I also thank my boyfriend for paying for my renewal a day before the exam. I completed the entire Qbank. About 1800 questions. And then some. You can do the ones you got incorrect. I did about 150 of them.

Hurst Online Review. (Just a few videos a day) I received a password from a coworker for access.

Kaplan Strategies Book.(600 questions)

LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment. ( I had about a handful of prioritization questions. NO delegation questions). I did not complete this book. I did about 9 chapters out of 21. I did not do the case studies. They have never really helped me and seemed like a waste of time.

Exam Time: I did not have many SATA and I believe it is because I am TERRIBLE at them. I had about 3-5 of them. No med calculations, no hot spot or audio. I had mainly multiple choice. The computer shut off at about 108 or so. I was so freaked out when it went past 75, I immediately became discouraged but I just became extremely focused and did the dam thing !

While studying. I took FREQUENT BREAKS. I did yoga, and listened to relaxation music on youtube. READ POSITIVE POST ONLY. STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY. I went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 6am. I had breakfast and testing center by 8am.

Pearson Vue Trick: THIS WORKED FOR ME. All I had to do was put in my credit card information(old debit card) and it would not allow me to pay. So I got the "good pop up". This gave me peace of mind. It is best to do it 24 hours after the exam. My name was posted on the Ohio BON around 2pm the next day.

I am so glad all of this is over ! I have been through so much, and as an African American student I have had many people try to hinder me and make me feel like I don't belong here.But I did it. I could not have done it without this website, all of the support and prayers from my friends and family. Even random people ! I am ready to move on with my life and begin working as an RN !!!!!!!:up::roflmao:

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Congrats on passing. I am also an African American and I just recently passed the exam. Here's to your new career as an RN.

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Overall I scored 51%. I mainly stayed between 40% and 50%. Sometimes I would get in the 60s. Many people I know also scored about 45-50% and passed. As long as you read the rationales you will be fine.I also actually seen 2 questions similiar on NCLEX.

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3-5 sata you say? Thats awesome, congrats!


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Congratulations RN !!!

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Congratulations RN !!!
Thank you !!!! It still hasn't sunk in yet. lol

WOW congrats to you! This post gives me hope! I test next week and I'm a wreck. I am also using UWORLD and I also used Hurst (a little bit of Kaplan, but I gave up with that in favor of UWORLD). TBH, UWORLD has killed my confidence a bit. I love the rationals....I love the details and the layout, but I feel like a complete idiot who never spent an hour in a hospital :( when I take these tests. I also find I make A LOT of stupid mistakes and now I am accustomed to going for a wrong answer because I think the answer I know is right, is too easy.... did you find that you did this as well? My current UWORLD average is a 59% and I have about... 600 Q to go.... if you have any other words of advice, I'm all ears....or eyes... :)

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Yea I did that. I felt like the more I did. The better I got at answering them. Please do not worry about percentage. Really the main thing is that you learn from the rationales. When you redo the ones you got incorrect you will see a difference. It will make you more confident.

When taking the test. Go with each scenario as if you are a NEW NURSE. So go with what you think is the safest answer. Treat new grads, float nurses, and lpns the same. Give them stable patients with predictable outcomes.

Be sure to have a positive mindset. It does make a big difference. Don't walk in defeated. I will pray for you. You will make it! Have faith. :-)

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Well float nurses with the patients that are similiar to their patient population I remember from UWORLD. You will be fine. Especially because you are almost done with the Qbank. You have already learned so much.

Thanks so much for the words of support. I hope to join the RN ranks with you in about 1 week !!!!


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i would like to speak to you about uworld as i am using this and am worried about some stuff. My email address is I have failed twice and now using uworld and have some questions.