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  1. Whats your current pay n it is ltc snf rehab etc

    19.80 base pay plus 3 dollar differential when I pick up night shifts. 2 dollar differential on weekends for both day and night shift. This on the psych unit of the hospital I work for in Southern California. I also do registry on med/surg units and ...
  2. Community college or technical college??

    I would go to a community college. Pros: The lower price, smaller class sizes, and your classes will be transferable should you decide to move onto to become an RN. Cons: The only real con I faced with going the community college route was the wait t...
  3. Coping w/th working outside a desired specialty

    My advice is coming from a place of complete understanding. I am currently in a specialty that I do not care much for (psych). However, I looked at the positives of my situation and reminded myself of the reasons I wanted to become a nurse in the 1st...
  4. Nursing Ratios in CA

    Hello there. I am CA nurse working on the psych unit at my hospital. I can confirm that the ratio is 1:6. As far as I know all of our mandated ratios are strictly followed.
  5. LPN'S

    I honestly believe the treatment has more to do with the environment than the type of nursing license you have. I have heard about just as many RN's (new grads) being mistreated and/or disrespected by co-workers. The work culture of your place of emp...
  6. NCLEX Pn takers

    Hello there. I took the NCLEX-PN On Feb 23rd and passed. I graduated in Dec and took a few weeks off to enjoy my friends and family, but as soon as I received my ATT (and picked out my testing date) I put together a 6 week study plan. I heavily utili...
  7. LVN License Verification on breeze/bvnpt website

    Hello. I am in California too. It took 3 days for my license number to post after I paid on the Breeze site. I took my test on Feb 23 and received my results a week later (so that may be why things were faster, but I'm not entirely sure). My classmat...
  8. Nclex

    In my experience that popup usually indicates a passing result, so congratulations to you for that. As for the amount of SATA I think that varies between test takers. I have friends that had a lot of them and passed, and I also have a friend that fai...
  9. Nclex florida 265 questions

    Congratulations on passing.
  10. Blue hair

    I believe your best bet would be to look towards your dress code policy. I personally have medium purple hair and it isn't a problem where I work. I was sure to ask during the interview and was told that it wasn't a problem (my dress code policy conf...
  11. Day 1: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    "Don't worry dolly, I'll take care of you."
  12. Meaning of your username?

    This is off topic, but I really love your display picture. You actually inspired me to make my own Bitmoji.
  13. Meaning of your username?

    I love Caramel Apple Pops.
  14. LPN or Surgical Tech?

    It probably depends on where you live, but I see a lot of job opportunities for LPN's. I am even seeing hospitals hiring them in the clinics and outpatient settings. Skilled nursing facilities and sub-acute facilities highly utilize LPN's as well. Wi...
  15. How to use Saunders text book effectively

    I used the Saunders PN, but maybe you will find my technique helpful. If you take the assessment on the online portion, the results will give you a break down percentage score based on the topics. Those topics are aligned with the test plan, and are ...