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Passed NCLEX on 5th try..how?

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The how I can answer by saying that I simply made up a routine and I followed through. I graduated on 2011, my first attempt was a complete disaster. 75 Qs and fail. My family was being persecuted in my country while I was in Philly happily studying. I couldn't concentrate, I took Kaplan, never did a routine and it was horrible. I have always been terrible taking tests even though my GPA was great, I lack confidence on myself. But theres always hope...

My second attempt, my family was safe with me here in the US but I somehow scared and I saw the NCLEX as a monster. I bought exam cram and Kaplan but never really established a routine, I was a bit lost and I failed with 84 Qs. As a result I started Culinary School and I decided to maybe give up on nursing. But when I realized that even though I love to cook I am a nurse deep down, I decided to start again. I went with Kaplan again and NOTHING, again lost with the HUGE book that doesn't even show one picture and its just boring to even look at! I did some questions, but again, didn't follow a routine. 78 Qs and bye bye.

FOURTH attempt, very important one. FORGOT KAPLAN, TOOK HURST..BINGO! Hurst helped me enormously...yes, I didn't pass got 250 Qs, BUT I finally understood the content in a way that I had never understood it!!! I was one step away from passing when I failed that test!! I didn't know it! But I can tell you now for sure...without HURST I never would've passed.

FIFTH and last attempt (188 Qs), I bought SAUNDERS and reviewed HURST...MADE A ROUTINE. 100 Qs daily (took sunday off) with review from Saunders online program that comes with the book that has 5,000 questions. I went to the library like if it was my job, it felt good to get out of the house. The best part? I did this for 3 weeks only...and I passed..just had to show myself and God that with a bit of hard work I could do it.

The message of the story? MAKE A ROUTINE! 100 Qs DAILY! and know your basic content..review those exams you make! you learn a lot from reviewing..

Now, if you want more tips...shoot me an email at elevaamonde@gmail.com....I'll help you pass...I know its frustrating, but please don't give up...you can do it!!

Hi can you message me..I'm on the same boat and losing hope


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that happened to me with kplan on second time. congratulations

I'm preparing for my 3rd time. I did Hurst the 2nd time and like you said you did, I almost passed. :-) I am trying so hard to make sure I get it this time. Did you only use questions for the last time you studied? No content review then? I've gone over Hurst and over Hurst until I feel like I get it so what else can I do? I'm doing NCSBN 3wk course now. It's got a lot of reading which I don't like but the questions are good and it gives rationals which help. I am a visual learner and not much out there is provided for visual learners, at least not that I have found. You mentioned pictures. Did you find any sites that might help me? My test is 8/20 and I am getting very nervous. My family is not supportive. I told them I was taking it a 3rd time and they basically said ok, if you don't pass it I bet you need to take the LPN instead. It was a real blow to my heart, confidence and ego. I want to show them all that I am going to be the RN I set out to be. Thanks and congrats on your passing!

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Congratulations Believe. I am so proud of you for never giving up. You give us hope. Now go out there and SHINE!

Fifth time will be the charm for me. Congratulations! You deserve to be happy and you worked hard for that license