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  1. lovemore40

    nclex help

    do not give up I am taking nclex 5 times already and failed I need new tips to passing the board.
  2. lovemore40

    For those who fail NCLEX

    thanks you make me feel better because I just find out I failed nclex thank again
  3. lovemore40

    How long does it take to receive ATT for NCLEX-RN

    I think is 4 weeks
  4. lovemore40

    I Passed NCLEX!! Sharing What I Did...

    thank you very much for your help because I scheduled to take my board September 4 .
  5. lovemore40

    NCLEX tomorrow!!

    good luck my friend may God be with you .
  6. lovemore40

    Passed NCLEX on 5th try..how?

    please can email the tips my lizhotmail2002@yahoo.com
  7. lovemore40

    Fl LPN to PCT back to school for RN??

    why do you want to be a pct because Lpn is more money
  8. lovemore40

    what is a good study guide to Pass NCLEx LPN?

    I heard about Saunders a lot and Lacharity book and 3500 online I going to take my board September 4 .
  9. lovemore40

    Exam Cram or Saunders??

    I heard about Saunders is a good book I don't know for cram .
  10. lovemore40

    How I passed the nclex

    congrats !!!!!!!!there I had a ATT number I will take my test soon
  11. lovemore40

    So I Failed the NCLEX-RN

    I took kaplan review online I went to test I failed I don't know what I have to do now I need some help please...
  12. lovemore40


    Wnurse I would like to know what kind the books you use for the test.
  13. lovemore40

    need help/tips on passing nclex-pn

  14. lovemore40

    need help/tips on passing nclex-pn

    did lacharity book work?
  15. lovemore40

    need help/tips on passing nclex-pn

    I am the same boat I don't know what to do I need some help or study group student who are going to take the test right now.

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