Passed my nclex!!!!!! :)

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hello my fellow nurses,:nurse:

so i just passsed my nclex and im from north jersey anyone knows any places that are hiring? and what is the average pay per hour $$$$ for lpn in nj/ny?:confused:

on passing your NCLEX Exam.

:w00t: CONGRATS! Best of luck to you in your search.

How long was your program and what was the severity of it? If you don't mind sharing.


It was 1 yr and had 30 ppl starting and only 8 graduating

Wow, big reduction. Well glad you made it through.

Yes thank you, you really have to want it to make it , I'm not super smart but starting nursing school when I didn't even know what a foley catheter is was not easy. A lot of sleepiness nights and sacrificing but defiantly worth it if u willing to give it all!

:w00t: Congratulations on passing!

Thank you :) I sure am going to make a great nurse! And def not the ones that always wine and complain!!!

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Congrats!! I am in the DC area, and one of the nurses at my job is also from New Jersey. She goes back home & works in Jersey on the weekend. I don't know what area she is located in but she said she makes about $26/hr doing home health.

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Congratulations!!! I didn't know what a foley was when I started, either. I graduate next Tuesday. ;)

Yes, Congrats! I just passed my nclex too. Ive been a longtime lurker in here and it feels weird to be part of the nursing crowd now. Good luck finding work, I havent even applied for my first job yet.

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OMG only 8 ppl passed.. I graduated 7/20 and we started out with 26 ppl and 14 ppl graduated! It was a 11month program south jersey!! Studying now for the nclex.:nurse:

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