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  1. garnetgirl29

    I'm starting LPN school this August!

    I'm going to a community college & they do allow recorders. A previous grad from this program told me to get one. The nursing secretary told me that our schedule will change each semester, sometimes 4 days, sometimes 5, but the schedule I posted is what we should plan for. I've never not worked, either. I'm 36 & I've had a job since I was 14. My boys are 12 & 14. My fiancee is trying to work more to save money & make more for when I'm in school, but I am planning to apply to the work study program at my school, then possibly work as a CNA part-time after the first semester, since we're eligible to take the CNA exam then. I've also heard I'll have a better chance of getting a job if I work as a CNA first. My school also offers a night program, which I had considered so I could keep my current job, but I would leave just before my kids get home from school & they would be in bed when I get home. I can't stand the idea of barely seeing them during the week, so I've picked a day spot.
  2. garnetgirl29

    I'm starting LPN school this August!

    Congrats to you, too!! My orientation is May 25. It'll be intense. My classes are M,T,W, 8am-3pm and clinicals Th,F 7am-3pm. I've heard it's very hard, but doable with lots of dedication(and that's something I have plenty of). I was told to invest in a good voice recorder for lectures, so I've started researching those. It's a 45 min drive to/from school, so having recorded lectures would be a great way to review lectures in the car before/after class.
  3. garnetgirl29

    I'm in!!!!!

    Congratulations!!!! I recently found out that I start this August!
  4. :yeah:I'm so excited! I'm attending Gaston College in North Carolina. I've already completed my physical, fingerprinting, CPR re-cert, and started my immunizations. I still need two more rounds of immunizations, a background check, and drug test. My orientation is next month & we'll be fitted for uniforms, then I'll just need to get the rest of my supplies. I'm so excited! They accepted 80/250 applicants! I didn't expect to get in the first time I applied, but I've taken everything I can toward the LPN program with a 4.0 GPA and am now working on the RN prerequisites. Is anyone else here from NC?
  5. garnetgirl29

    CNA Classes?

    I just saw an ad for a CNA class that's only one day long and claims that you will be prapared to take the exam. Could this be legit? It's also cheaper than the programs at the community colleges. The site is cnanow.org. It sounds too good to be true, but I just thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  6. garnetgirl29

    2009 NC LPN graduates: any luck finding a job???

    There are other options here; rehab clinics, mental health hospitals, dr's offices, outpatient clinics, plasma centers, flu clinics (these are temp jobs), and home care. I just know that Presbyterian and Novant hospitals here do not hire LPN's. I don't mind getting started on LTC, but I don't think I could handle working there long-term. I'm very interested in doing home care, and possibly the seasonal flu clinics, maybe even rehab clinics or urgent care clinics, although it would be awkwurd to run into my ex husband in one of those....lol.
  7. garnetgirl29

    Licensed in more than one state?

    Oh, very cool!! I thought for sure I'd have to retest. Thank you!
  8. garnetgirl29

    2009 NC LPN graduates: any luck finding a job???

    I'm starting my prereq's soon at Gaston College and have been wondering the same thing. The only LPN job listings I've found are Agencies. I'm in the Charlotte metro area, and I know that the hospitals in Charlotte do not hire LPN's.
  9. garnetgirl29

    Licensed in more than one state?

    How do you become licensed in more than one state? Do you have to travel to that state and take the test?
  10. garnetgirl29

    Licensed in more than one state?

    I live in North Carolina, and am wondering if I can be licensed to work in both North and South Carolina. I'm just beginning my education, and have noticed a number of LPN jobs in SC. Also, I am planning to move to SC in a few years because I'm not happy in NC. Thanks
  11. garnetgirl29

    Have questions before starting school

    I'm taking my placement test next week and will begin my pre-req courses soon. I researched numerous nursing programs in my area and found that ALL of the ADN programs were VERY hard to get into and heard people complaining about being on waiting lists for 5 years and never getting in. Since I am a 34 yr old divorced mother, the 4 yr programs are not an option. It would take me 8 years to get through since I could only go part time. Then, I found out that the LPN programs were easier to get into and there are LPN-RN bridge programs and those are easier to get into as well. The LPN programs here range from 12-16 months. Some of them require that you be on the CNA registry before applying. The one I'm taking does not require that I become a CNA first and only requires 3 pre-req courses, Algebra, Bio and English. It's 3 semesters long. I'm going to sign up for the study skills course as well. Once I complete these courses with a C or better, I have to take the ACT, then I can apply to the LPN program. This is at a community college & this was the easiest program I found to get into. They were recommended by the BON and had one of the best passing rates in the area. But, it's in a more rural area from the other schools I researched, so I think that's why it's not as difficult to get into. I live in a metro area, and I know that's a huge factor. I am hoping that my pre-req courses will be offered through distance learning. I will have to continue working. Once I begin the LPN course, it's only offered full time days, so I'm hoping to get into the work study program. Or, I will have to try and find an evening job and will jut have to be MIA from my family for that year. It'll be worth it in the long run, and I'm hoping to get one of those 3 day, 12hour shifts once I'm licensed, so I'll have more days to spend with my family.
  12. garnetgirl29

    Working in a clinic???

    Congrats on the new job! It sounds great! HADS, I'm excited to see that as a new grad, you were hired by an urgent care facility. We have a lot of those here & I wondered if they hired LPN's!
  13. garnetgirl29

    Passing clinical exam after lpn to rn online course

    Check your community colleges. I know there are several in my area that offer LPN-RN bridge programs and they have evening, weekend and online classes. Also, cc's are usually cheaper & are eligible for more financial aid.
  14. garnetgirl29

    LPN/LVN Additional Certifications

    This thread is awesome! I want to be an nurse, but it's almost impossible to get into the RN programs here and being a 34 yr old divorced mom, I just can't devote that kind of time. So, I've been researching LPN's and I just sent my application to a cc here. I have to take some pre-req courses, but hope to begin the LPN program next fall. Then, I thought I'd have to take an LPN-RN program to advance past a nursing home, but it looks like there's so much more out there for LPN's than I knew! Any advice for me before I begin my LPN education?