I just wanted to share that I passed the NCLEX!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately I went to 200 questions and had over 30 multiple responses, but I am now an RN. Also, I did the Pearson trick and it was accurate, but I have a tip for NY students. Rather than pay for the quick results from Pearson in 48 hours, go to, which is the NYS Office of the Professions and search for your name 48 hours later. My name was on the website with my license number before my results were available through Pearson. Also, I have to say that BMCC has the toughest nursing program in NYC, but they really prepared me for NCLEX, best program hands down!

Good luck to all future takers!:cool:


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What would you suggest I do to prepare for the NCLEX while I'm in nursing school? Is there a note taking strategy? Should I preview NCLEX questions?

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Jaimeiam -

I suggest purchasing an NCLEX question book and going over the questions as you learn them in lecture. If you're going over respiratory disorders then review all the respiratory disorder questions in the NCLEX question book. It's good practice and also encourages you to start thinking like a nurse. Also, take the most difficult patients in clinical. The clinical experience really reinforces things learned in theory and also things your teachers do not go over in class. Good luck! Nursing school is tough, but you're tougher!!!


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whoa congrats, still to take mine.

Hello everyone, I took the nclex yesterday from NC and I am freakin out! I am a repeat tester :(. First time I had 164 questions and the test cut off and I failed. This time it went the whole 265 questions! I had 14 select all that apply, 3 calcs which I hate! any advice from anyone, I am so nervous and find it hard to focus or do anything else. 48 hrs is like forever right now!

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congratulations!!! :yeah:


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hey can you tell me what Nclex book to buy to study the respiratory while in nursing school