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GonnaBSN has 1 years experience and specializes in Quality Improvement, Informatics.

Second career RN, originally from behavioral research, working in Quality Improvement as a NSQIP SCR. NSQIP is an American College of Surgeons Quality Improvement Program, aimed at measuring and improving outcomes for surgical patients.

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  1. GonnaBSN

    Surgical Clinical Nurse Reviewer

    The majority of my time is spent reviewing patients' medical records. I gather clinical data and input it to an online portal which runs it thru an algorithm. I also work w/ the quality improvement team to report on trends in the data.
  2. GonnaBSN

    What should every orthopaedic nurse know?

    Right, but if you have no idea what they take, how do you determine what's gonna be too much? Just follow VS's?
  3. GonnaBSN

    Careers in Geri

    Remember my nursing school instructor in Older Adults saying that there are going to be/already are great job opps for specialists/advanced nurses in Geri that had to do w managing pts with complex multi-system diseases. Kind of a case manager/navigator role is how I took it. The instructor mentioned about an increased demand among employers b/c Medicare would be reimbursing the service. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Looking for more info and wondering how to start my research into this option. Thanks in advance!
  4. GonnaBSN

    Just a Floor Nurse

    I am an attorney who went to nursing school, so I'm "just a nurse" to some people now. Generally these folks hate their job and hate that you went and did something that you wanted to do, rather than stay in something you hate because everyone else expects you to. I cut people like this out of my life. I'm a master level psychologist, got into nursing for more job opportunities. I loved my work before, but it was too hard to find a new job when I needed it- so I had to get into other areas like research. That ultimately led me to nursing. Second career nurses bring a very different perspective to the nursing profession IMO. We know about the corporate world, nonprofits, the healthcare industry, and so on. So we are a bit more thoughtful on the "way it's always been done". I see this as our collective strength. We have power to make really great changes, if we can figure out how to wield it.
  5. GonnaBSN

    What should every orthopaedic nurse know?

    Penni, you are so right with the crazy amount of narcotics! I've already noticed that. Advice/thoughts about managing pain for patients who come in on a baseline of lots of narcotics... Whether or not they tell you it's the case? I get worried about respiratory failure when Im giving so much!
  6. GonnaBSN

    on forgetting...

    I meant to say, "it's all about repetition" :)
  7. GonnaBSN

    on forgetting...

    I agree, you're normal. You have way too much info in your head to recall things off the cuff sometimes. Part of orientation and our first year is sorting thru all you know and figuring out what is relevant to your setting/patients/unit. For example, I'm on an ortho floor, and the other day my brain print out said my pt has history of CAD. I couldn't remember what that stood for. I knew it was in my brain somewhere, but I just has no idea... So I asked. Yes I got a funny look from my preceptor, but I don't care. Heart diseases are not top of mind on an ortho floor... Sometimes you can't get to the info in your brain because of the context. Dont worry about it. It's all about reporting! I can't tell you how many times I've asked, "what does WBAT mean again?" ... That acronym wouldnt mean a thing to a critical care nurse. (weight bearing as tolerated)
  8. GonnaBSN


    I cared for a pt this week who had stage III wound ( it was 4cm deep, MRSA positive, and horribly painful!). This pt was documented as "MR" and lived in a group home. According to my pt, the cause of this wound becoming so bad was that a nurse (LPN) who worked at the home "popped" it like a pimple, spreading the infection to the proximal area. Then they delayed treatment for two days -- a doctor advised them to take her to the hospital, but they waited. Is this something that should have been reported as abuse?
  9. GonnaBSN

    HCA Midwest Loan Forgiveness Question(s) Please!

    financial aid office stacie withers, director [color=#333333]2525 e. meyer blvd. [color=#333333]kansas city, mo. 64132 [color=#333333](816) 995-2832 home - research college of nursing good luck!
  10. GonnaBSN

    Where should I begin?

    I want to travel in my future as a nurse. And I've fallen in love with a few specialties. But I am afraid of not being in demand and pigeonholed into few options to travel. What advice do you have? I'm thinking:I love:Psych, icu, outpatient, palliative, hospiceBut does it make more sense to get a few years of med-surg experience?
  11. GonnaBSN

    Interview w/ 75+ year old

    I have an assignment to do an interview w someone who is 75 years or older. It consists of a bunch of reflection questions. Trouble is that I dont know anyone over 75 that fits the criteria ("living well" ie healthy). Is anyone out there willing to take a look at the questions and consider answering them? You can decline any that you are not comfortable answering! Total anonymity of course!
  12. GonnaBSN

    Narrative Older Adults Assesment

    I have the same assignment and it has to be someone 75 or older... I don't know anyone!
  13. GonnaBSN

    clinicals, nursing thru the day

    Wow! Nice summary. It helps bunches. I know it took time to write out, and I appreciate it!
  14. Hi! My clinical instructor insinuated that my approach to nursing is disorganized. The trouble is, I've never been shown how to organize my day on the hospital unit. I've been shown how to do a head-to-toe assessment, then our instructor mumbled something about doing a "focused assessment", but never told us how to decide what that means for each patient. They have us fill out a care plan, but not how to use them. They have us fill out an "assessment sheet" and chart, but again, not how to use them... so what it all ends up being is a bunch of worksheets that amount to busy work. I think I'm just not making the connections, and haven't seen anything done well! Can someone help me plan out my days? I'm getting worried because I'll have a new clinical instructor who is completely the opposite of my current one. The first one was too lax about things, and the next one runs a tight ship... eeek! freaking out! Please help!
  15. GonnaBSN

    good news :)

    Just want to share my good news... I've been accepted to the nursing program at Research College of Nursing in KCMO. :redpinkhe Hard work is paying off :)
  16. GonnaBSN

    Physiology (Fox 10th ed)

    Hello and thank you for reading. I'm in the middle of an online physiology class and am struggling to understand the concepts without the traditional classroom... (I took this one as an online format to give online classes a test run - I don't really recommend them) My physiology class is using the text "Fundamentals of Human Physiology" by Stuart Ira Fox http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/classware/infoCenter.do?isbn=0073403490 Our instructor has not made the chapter notes/outlines available. Unfortunately, this is the best way for me to learn, personally. Does anyone out there have chapter outlines for this text, and would be willing to share? Many thanks in advance, jaime:redpinkhe