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  1. GonnaBSN

    New nurse here who keeps getting bad advice....help!

    A key skill in nursing is being able to voice when you need help. And as a new nurse, we are eager to please. But remember that you can't do it all, and when you stop asking questions, and never ask for help -- these are symptoms of a problem!
  2. GonnaBSN

    Nurse Residency Program

    It's a good sign that your hospital is wanting to spend the resources to train you well. I would never work anywhere that didn't have an on boarding plan for me
  3. GonnaBSN

    Feeling lousy

    Agreed! We all make mistakes! Just report, document, and learn from it.
  4. GonnaBSN

    I just need to vent :-(

    Chin up!
  5. GonnaBSN

    Surgical Clinical Nurse Reviewer

    The majority of my time is spent reviewing patients' medical records. I gather clinical data and input it to an online portal which runs it thru an algorithm. I also work w/ the quality improvement team to report on trends in the data.
  6. I am hoping to get some examples of Patient Follow Up Letters. This is for the NSQIP Surgical Quality Improvement Program, but I suspect any letter will help. The intent is to get post-op information about whether the patient experienced any complications beyond what our medical record can tell us. Thanks in advance! jaime
  7. GonnaBSN

    Iodine Prep with a shellfish allergy?

    On questions like this, you can call your hospital pharmacy for a quick response. I think that's the safest way to care for the patient.
  8. GonnaBSN

    NSQIP Surgical Clinical Reviewer RN

    Yep! working on getting automated asap - but IT has a major overhaul to our EMR they are working on with a end date of Aug 2013 - so it's mostly by hand for now. Thanks for reaching out! PM me if you don't mind sharing your contact info!
  9. Hi there, I've been on AllNurses.com for a while, but just took a new role as the Surgical Clinical Reviewr for the NSQIP program at my hospital. I'm hoping to find other NSQIP Nurses who are on the site so we can share ideas. FYI...NSQIP is an American College of Suregons Quality Improvement Program that aims at measuring and improving surgical patients' outcomes. It's a very robust QI program, but what makes it different from Core Measures and other similar QI programs, is that with NSQIP, we're measuring OUTCOMES, rather than process. Said another way, NSQIP follows patients 30-days post-op to find out how well they are doing after their surgery... not just in the acute care setting. NSQIP also gathers over 140 data points - compared to about 26 for VTE, so you might imagine how excited the surgeons are at my hospital at finding out just wat the data say! (infact, anesthesiology has gotten wind of the program, and are dying to get involved (yikes!)) Because our hospital is just launching this program, I'm hoping to find the others NSQIP out there, so we can share best practices of gathering and distributing our data. Thanks in advance! Jaime
  10. GonnaBSN

    Surgical Clinical Nurse Reviewer

    I work as a NSQIP SCR, although I'm brand new to the position. The NSQIP program is brand new at our hospital, and we're in the process of creating the program. I just wanted to follow the string, as I'm eager to connect with other SCRs
  11. GonnaBSN

    What should every orthopaedic nurse know?

    Right, but if you have no idea what they take, how do you determine what's gonna be too much? Just follow VS's?
  12. GonnaBSN

    Careers in Geri

    Remember my nursing school instructor in Older Adults saying that there are going to be/already are great job opps for specialists/advanced nurses in Geri that had to do w managing pts with complex multi-system diseases. Kind of a case manager/navigator role is how I took it. The instructor mentioned about an increased demand among employers b/c Medicare would be reimbursing the service. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Looking for more info and wondering how to start my research into this option. Thanks in advance!
  13. GonnaBSN

    Just a Floor Nurse

    I am an attorney who went to nursing school, so I'm "just a nurse" to some people now. Generally these folks hate their job and hate that you went and did something that you wanted to do, rather than stay in something you hate because everyone else expects you to. I cut people like this out of my life. I'm a master level psychologist, got into nursing for more job opportunities. I loved my work before, but it was too hard to find a new job when I needed it- so I had to get into other areas like research. That ultimately led me to nursing. Second career nurses bring a very different perspective to the nursing profession IMO. We know about the corporate world, nonprofits, the healthcare industry, and so on. So we are a bit more thoughtful on the "way it's always been done". I see this as our collective strength. We have power to make really great changes, if we can figure out how to wield it.
  14. GonnaBSN

    What should every orthopaedic nurse know?

    Penni, you are so right with the crazy amount of narcotics! I've already noticed that. Advice/thoughts about managing pain for patients who come in on a baseline of lots of narcotics... Whether or not they tell you it's the case? I get worried about respiratory failure when Im giving so much!
  15. GonnaBSN

    on forgetting...

    I meant to say, "it's all about repetition" :)