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Just found out this morning that i passed nclex. I took it thursday in nyc......... Thank god the misery is over........good luck to those of you yet to take it and congrats to those who have taken it and passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););)


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:yeah::yeah:Congratulations:yeah::yeah:!! Hope to follow in your footsteps soon...Can u share ur exam experience? How did u study? how long? how many questions? what kind? etc.... Thanks and good luck to you!


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Hi there, the exam to my opinion was difficult. The first bunch of questions were ok then the exam got harder as i went along then towards the end before my screen shut the questions were fair again. I did 75 questions and used Kaplan to prepare for the exam and also supplemented my studies with Saunders. I had questions on priority, pt teaching, delegation, infection control(biggie), SATA's, pharm, pysc and peds.........nothing on OB. I studied for 2hrs max because i work nights and never had enough time. Good Luck in your exam. When do you take it? I also forgot to tell you take your time answering the questions.


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Congratulations, I take mine on thursday in NYC

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Good Luck to you Laura. Take your time answering the questions and don't rush. Let us know how it went!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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