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congralulations! thank you for your wonderful story...reading success stories really inspires me..


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Hi JLForever

Congatulations!!! Thanks for all the tips and informations on how to study for the NCLEX. I am using Kaplan on line review, and i am using all the resources in this study on line, I finished the 20 weeks review and I am answering QBank as many as I can but my scores always showing just 55-62% only. I am panicking now because when I did my readiness test . my score was below 65%. I dont know if I will be able to pass, as I always have a low scores in all my pracitce tests in Kaplan. Is it true that Kaplan questions are harder than the actual NCLEX?


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Congratulations I just did the arnett Cat exam and i did terrible so im wondering if this exam is a good predictor of how well i will do on the nclex..


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Congratulations!! And thanks for sharing.


I am taking my exam soon.

God bless you and your family!

What beautiful year for you :)

Passing NCLEX and having a baby.

Praise GOD!:heartbeat:heartbeat


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i am taking my nclex soon, and am currently in the KAPLAN course. i like the course. my only two complaints are:

1)you have to go at the pace of the class when in person. if you want to move faster, you're stuck with the person who is cofused. if you want further clarification, sometimes they've already moved on.

2)the teacher is not an RN. she explains the answer from the book, not an answer from the perspective of an RN. this can be a little frustrating.

however the ease of use of the website is great. qbank customization and how it breaks down your results is very helpful.

however their use of RealAudio player is laughable from a computer nerd like me.


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Congratulations on passing! I know you are really relieved. I'm not sure if you can say anything, but I along with several of my classmates are wondering if they provide the trade AND generic name with the drugs on the NCLEX when they are asking questions about them?


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Congratulations, and many thanks for the tips, your story is very encouraging.


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congrates a lot......for passing exam and writing u experience......BEST OF LUCK WITH UR NEW FAMILY MEMBER ON HER baby is going to be lucky for u. now u can focus on ur baby.

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Thanks a lot for all the advice! I wish you a safe delivery!


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Congratulations and best wishes in your new career. Hoping for you a safe delivery for your baby. You just gave yourself a vacation from studying, lol.:yeah::balloons:


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did you already take the nclex?

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