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angel1966 has 21 years experience and specializes in Neurosurgical ICU.

RN in Neurosurgical ICU for 21 years

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  1. angel1966

    US retrogression update

    hi jericjamesrn...yes i have my priority date which is 26Feb2010...me as well is very worried as i have my job offer since august 2009 for a job in stockton ca...and until now it seems that my papers is not moving at all...although i am here in the uk with a very stable job, i still want to go to the US as living here in the UK is very expensive...but because of the retrogression it seems that i will be waiting forever and i don't know if it is still worth it...i don't want to move to the US when i am 50 (sad)!
  2. angel1966

    wanting to work in america

    I agree to Caroladybelle that it depends on many things. I passed my Nclex last year and I had my job offer to work in California but because of retrogression, issuance of green card visa will take longer. According to the hospital attorney, I need to wait maybe longer to get the visa as there are so many applicants and yet green card visas are very limited at the moment due to retrogression. Another factor is I am a filipino but british citizen and working here in London.
  3. Guys, thank you for all your responses, honestly, i am a little bit frustrated now but i am still hoping that after 2 or 3 years, i will be there in america. i don't want to wait for another 5 years...my question as well is what if after 5 years, and then i've got the visa and everything, do you think the salary that I signed in my contract will still be the same or they will increase the rate as cost of living will be expensive in next 5 years...sometimes, i am blaming myself because i spend a lot of money to take the review and the nclex exam, though i passed the exam, but here i am still waiting for green card...maybe i should just stay here in the UK for good...but i am already commited to the hospital there in the US.
  4. I am abit worried now, because I had my interview last year from one of the hospitals there in California. I had my job offer and according to my contract, they will be sponsoring us for green card visa. But how long do I need to wait now. I am here in the UK and just received an e-mail from my agency which said that my l-140 was filed and has beed approved. What will be the next step now and will it take 5 years or more for me to get my greencard? As I have 3 friends here in the UK that have been waiting for their immigration papers for so long, almost 5 years now. What do I need to do.
  5. I just want to know the status of retrogression there in the US. I had my interview last year for a job in California and they offered me a job and the hospital said that they will do sponsorship for me and my family. I am still here in the UK and I just received a message from my agency and told me that my l-140 has been filed and approved. How long do I need to wait before I can go there to the US? Do you think it will take more longer due to retrogression/recession there in the US? I am a bit worried as I don't want to wait for 5 years before I can get my greencard. Please give me some advice or information. thanks very much.
  6. angel1966

    My Papa. Why I Am The Nurse I Am Today.

    This story really made me cry, gave me more inspirations to continue my nursing carreer.
  7. angel1966

    Working to US from UK

    Anyone can give me advice regarding the situation of nursing job there in the US. I am currently working here in the UK but I've got yhe job offer to work in one of the states in the US, but i am a bit worried now as one of my friend who lives in Hawaii told me that I am not in the right time in applying to work in the US because of the global recession. Do you think that I should worry to much now? To live here in the UK is very expensive with all the taxes that the government deducting in our salary is just too much. This is one of the reasons why i decided to apply to work in the US. I know it will take long time to process all the papers for immigration but do you think it is still advisable to go there to the US and work there as an RN? Is it safe to work in NON-PROPIT HOSPITAL? Do you think it is stable? Please give me some informations and advice regarding this matter.
  8. angel1966

    Nclex and Work?

    I think you will be ok as long as you know how to discipline your self with regards to your study time. I took my NCLEX last April, I only had 8 days annual leave prior to my test, and because i am a permanent night, I always make sure that I have 2 hours of reading or answering questions everyday, either before going to work or after work. I only did self-review thats why it was a bit difficult but i managed to pass the board. So just read and review everyday and if your are not very busy at work, do some readings. Kaplan books are very good, they will teach you the technique on answering questions. so good luck!
  9. angel1966

    Dameron Hospital

    Hi JustMe, thanks again for your reply. I will definitely go then for the interivew...I hope I will get the job as I really want to go to US to work.And I hope DAMERON HOSPITAL is a nice place to work.
  10. angel1966

    Dameron Hospital

    Hi JustMe, Thanks for your reply. Is Dameron Hospital ok to work with. I am a bit scared coz, of the ststus of recession there in the US. Regarss.
  11. angel1966

    Nurses presenting patient on rounds

    Hi MistyDawnRN06, This is the practice that we are doing in our Neuro ITU here in the UK. At first, it was really intimidated but as time goes on, it gets better. And I think this should be the practice that all ICU nurses should do. Beacuse, we nurses are the one with the patient most of the time and doctors/surgeons will only come to us if we need them. You just need confidence to talk infron of them especially if there are 5-8 surgeons in front of you. But you can tell them everything you want to tell about your patient and you dont need to make-up stories, as long as you knwo what you are talking about.
  12. angel1966

    Dameron Hospital

    Hi, I am really desperate to know anything about Dameron Hospital before my interview, please. Can someone be able to tell me bout this hospital. I really want to work in California but my agency told me this is the only hospital they've got at the moment, and seems I might grab this oppurtunity to join the interview. Any informations I will get from this forum will be highly appreciated. A big thank you!
  13. angel1966

    Re: Dameron Hospital

    Hi, Anyone works in Dameron hospial in Stockton, Ca? My agency told me that Dameron will conduct an interview here in London next month, just want some feedback abour this hospital pleaseeee. I really want to move to California but I am a bit worried about hospitals. as I dont want to go there and later on, I will realise that this hospital is not ideal to work. I've been working in Neurosurgical ICU for 22 years now and now I decided to transfer to America. Is Dameron have Neuro ICU or surgical ICU? Please let me have some ideas about this hospital as it is very limited informations I can get from their website. Thanks.
  14. angel1966

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    You will definitely pass, I had lower percentage than yours when I did my Kaplan review and I passed. Don't lose hope ...have faith & never doubt ... JUST DO IT!
  15. angel1966

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    I just want to share my experience when I took my NCLEX last Thursday, 16th of April. I was really scared and want to back out for my 1st NCLEX exam. But I decided to go and take the exam. Before the test, I was praying that I will pass this test. I had 245 questions and the computer shutdown. So I said, I think I failed but half of my self was telling me to just trust God in everything that you do and God will help you. When I was going home after the test while I was in the train, I was still praying and hoping that I will pass this NCLEX. I Prayed to God to give me a sign that will tell me that i dont need to worry because I will be ok. I said that if I will see an airplane or birds up in the sky, it means that I passed the test. After few minutes while in the train, i looked up in the sky and I saw a very tiny airplane very high up in the sky and then after few minutes, i saw 2 birds flying in the sky. And from that time that I saw the birds and airplane, I just said that, " Lord, i am now trusting everything to you and I know I made it." And I went home relaxed and not worrying and not thinking too much about the test. And after 2 days, i logged-on to PEARSON VUE and i found out I passed the test. And today, Sunday, me and my family all went to church to give thanks and praise to the Lord as He listened to my prayers and gave me strength to study very hard every single day since I started my KAPLAN review. Because I believe that without the help of our Lord while I was reviewing I will not be able to understand everything especially my weakest subjects that I need to study. So, all I can say is...Study hard but ask our God to guide you and give you strength for all the things that you are doing.
  16. angel1966

    My Little Mandona

    What a beautiful story...