I PASSED NCLEX-RN!!!!Got my unofficial results off Pearsonvue. I'm ready to see my name on BON. How long will that take????:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:


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Congratulations! I took my NCLEX today and got the good pop-up.

What do you mean exactly when you say unofficial results off Pearson Vue? Are you talking about the Pearson Vue Trick?

I hear various things about your name showing up on BON. Someone said it showed up that same day. Some other people say 1-2 days.


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Congratulations to us all! PVT works also. I checked yesterday before I got home from taking NCLEX, and it would not allow me to register again, I got the good pop up. When I got up this morning, I saw my name on state BON site.:nurse: What a wonderful feeling it if only I could find a job. LOL!


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Congrats! It's always encouraging to hear a success story.

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Congratulations! It depends on the state. I have some friends in Ohio who had to wait 24 hours...Texas made me wait 72.


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I took it today.. got the good pop up but I have a feeling it will be Monday before I see my name on the WV BON... I just want to know for absolute certain that I passed.. has anyone ever gotten the good pop up having taken 75 questions and failed?


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I paid for the quick results off pearsonvue. I called that the unofficial results since its not posted on BON yet. According to pearsonvue I passed and should be expected my results from the BON!! Good luck to you all!!!!

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I took NCLEX Monday morning at 8 and my license number was posted on the BON website at 6:35 Wednesday morning. I didn't even have to pay for quick results. Like an above poster said, it just depends on the state. Congratulations, I know your super excited, I know I am!!!:yeah:


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I got my number today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!! :yeah::yeah::yeah:Congratulations to all of you!!!!!


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what materials did you use? CONGRATULATIONS!!!:)


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My school had us to use Sylvia Rayfield material which in my opinion was very helpful. The med book was great. Every med I had on NCLEX was in that book. I also did some practice questions from Kaplan and some from exam cram. I didnt review alot I mostly just did questions. Graduated May14 and tested June 8 and is now a RN!!!!!!!! But the most important thing I did was trust God!!!!!Good Luck to you!!!!