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OKAY I PASSED MY NCLEX OR SUD I SAY I GOT THE GOOD POP UP.........lemme start by saying i prayed to God and he heard my prayers...........i got 75questions and i used only saunders CD, i tried kaplan buh i went to the class once( waste of my money,i need my refund) didnt even use the qbank. And oh the leadership and delegation book best investment.............just breath nclex isnt that hard just know ur rationales on saunders not the score. i was getting 50s buh i still passed...........okay im sleepy now after 2weeks of studying :yeah::yeah::yeah:.........I am a nurse now

btw:what is buh? thank you!

Congrats! that's the same thing I did. I didnt let the score bring my morale down. I knew that by getting more mistakes in the practice exams, it made me become better and learned more about why i got it wrong.

Yayyyyy pvt works i passed, now im looking for a job

Congratulations!!!!!! :anpom: