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Passed NCLEX-RN with 251questions


Let me start by saying that I am a foreign student. Graduated 2011. Moved to US of A in 2012. Took a year for all my papers to be processed. Tried Nclex for the first time in September unfortunately I failed, took it again Feb this year, failed again, took it again last Monday and passed with 251 questions. Here's what I did:

First try: NCSBN 8 weeks

*not really a fan of reading but content is there.

*questions are medium to hard, kinda similar to nclex questions.

*failed at 116. I needed content for I was out from studying for 2 years.

Second try: Hurst Review

*very reliable in content, if your a visual learner, you should get this.

*made me confident in answering nclex questions without a doubt and hesitation.lol atleast that's what they say.

*if you think your weak in content, this is for you

*limited qbank

*failed 251, i ran out of time unfortunately

Third try: Kaplan On Demand

*Very nice in strategies

*a lot of questions to do

*this made me prepare to answer higher level questions.

*qbank: 100% with average of 62%


Q1-63 80

Q2-60 79

Q3-59 73

Q4-63 80

Q5-66 81

Q6-64 80

Q7-68 80

Second scores are after 3 months, took it again a week before my test



So, overall for me I couldn't pass without hurst which made me understand the disease process and kaplan in how to tackle higher level questions. Everything happens for a reason. It was a hell of a ride but it was worth it. But what really helped me passed was my faith in God. I prayed the rosary everyday and asked for his guidance. Without him im nothing. It's like 99% of my last test was because of him. It was the hardest test i could possibly imagine.Compared to my first 2 exams it was okay. Maybe because i was on the higher level questions. On my test was a lot of priority and conference questions. You can do it as long as you believe you can.. Keep your heads high. Keep pushing its all worth it in the end. Im still on cloud 9 right now.. In God's perfect timing you can do it!!! Hope this helps some of you

RNfindingherway, BSN, RN

Has 3 years experience.

Congrats your hard work and faith in God paid off. Now shine for the Glory of God in your new career Nurse.

Good job!!In which country did u graduate from?

Thank you all.. Came from the Philippines.. :)

P.S: PDA by lacharity very good book for priority questions.. 75% of my test were priority.. :)

Hi Mackie,

I just took NclexRN 7/17/14, ran out of time at 226 questions. I used the resources you used above but not Kaplan. I plan to register for Kaplan soon. Do you think it is a good idea? I'm a foreigner nurse,too. My study partner is Filippino. How does anybody think about Kaplan? Does it worth to pay $688?

Plan to take again in 3 months?

Yes. It is a good idea.. They said its harder than the nclex but for me nclex is very tricky when it comes to their wordings. Search online for discounts like promo codes.. I bought the whole package for 299 with content video, question video, qtrainer and qbank with 1300ques.. It will prepare you for nclex.. Do atleast 100-150 questions per day. God bless :) you can do it :)