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Passed NCLEX-RN with 85 questions...I think


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I took NCLEX RN Wednesday and walked away feeling like I failed. All of my friends passed with 75 questions and felt like they did well when they walked out, I didn't have that same experience!! I quit looking at what question # I was on after I hit question 75. After a few more questions, I took a break to collect myself and give myself a pep talk. I think I went through 10 more questions before the computer finally shut off so I didn't get to see how many questions I actually went through.

I took Kaplan and mostly prepared by taking practice questions in the Qbank and question trainers. I took notes-I wrote down the questions I got wrong along with rationales. I started with 50 questions a day and bumped it up in intervals of 25, so I moved up to 75, then 100, then 125, then 150; mentally, I couldn't do more than that. However, my final day of studying I did the question trainer with 265 questions because I wanted to experience that in case I faced that situation. I didn't do any practice questions the day before the exam. I looked over my notes in the morning and relaxed the rest of the day, went to a nice dinner with friends, and looked over the rest of my notes before bed while listening to relaxing music.

I used Saunders NCLEX book for a review of content, I barely used the CD-only because I used Kaplan's Qbank. Many RNs told me not to bother with content & to only take practice questions....but knowing ME, I knew that if I didn't touch on content, I would be less confident.

Also, NO ONE knew when I was scheduled to take the exam. NO ONE...a couple friends only knew I was taking it 'soon' but I told everyone, "Do not ask when I am taking it b/c I am not telling you." I didn't want the pressure of coworkers, friends, and family asking me questions afterward. Some friends were the opposite and told friends and family when they were scheduled to take it, and text everyone when they walked out of the exam, etc. I didn't want to talk about NCLEX until I got my quick results...which I did this morning! :)

I want to wish everyone the best of luck with NCLEX and their studies.

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If your quick results say pass then you have passed. Congratulations


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I did pass, the "I think" was for I think I had 85 questions. lol :) Sorry for the confusion.

I took my NCLEX-RN tuesday and also had 85 questions and also PASSED. What a great feeling.

I took my nclex test yesterday and it cut off at 90 questions. I am a nervous wreck!!!!

I took my nclex test yesterday and it cut off at 90 questions. I am a nervous wreck!!!!

I know it is torture. Just keep busy and time will go by. Best of luck to you.


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Congrats DaisyLizzyDog!!

Good luck Nik-definitely keep busy while you wait, and good luck to you!

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