Passed NCLEX for the fourth time!!

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Congrats! You are an inspiration to the people that are discouraged. Great job!!

Thank you so much!


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Congratulations! I took the nclex rn exam 4 times and failed all of them too. now im on my 5th try. i have a six month old baby and out of work so i can baby sit. trying to get a time for studying has been challenging with a lively, full of energy crawling and trying to walk baby!! plus doing house chores and other family responsibilities. i really am drained and i feel so lost and hopeless. .. i know i will pass it in Gods time.

i have saunders yellow book, the kaplan book, PDA la charity , and Lippincotts Q and A 10th edition. i believe i need alot of content review since i graduated april of 2010.. I need to look into the Hurst program if it helped with your content needs. Anyone else here can share which review sites help on your content and techniques iin answering the nclex rn?? i have also tried the whihc is 38$ monthly. i know they just offerred the RN review course. but i dont know if anyone had use it and passed their nclex. i really appreciate any inputs or feedbacks. please help. thank you . :)


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I read the title of this thread and thought "who on earth passes the NCLEX time after time...announcing a FOURTH pass"?! LOL.....good to hear you didn't pass "for the fourth time", but that you made it this FIRST time! :D

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