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Hi Everyone,

This site also helped me find courage not to give up on nclex. And I promised to my self once I passed that I will also give inspiration to everyone who is about take their nclex exam.

FIRST TRY- using Saunders failed at 75 questions. I felt so devastated coz if you stop at 75 either you did really really good or really really bad.

I am also working part time at that moment.

After a year I decided to study and pursue my dream.I also got pregnant with my first born son.

SECOND TRY - using Kaplan, Hurst Book(a little bit), Kaplan nclex strategy and I run out of time at 216 questions. Went out to the testing center crying knowing that I already failed.

THIRD TRY one month before I gave birth- using Kaplan, Nclex 4000 and L. A. Charity,NCSBN and run out of time again at 241 and I failed again.

I almost wanted to give up! I kept changing job coz I felt like there is always something missing. If only I can afford not to have a job so I can just focus on studying but I can't coz I have to support my family. I felt so down before that I felt like I'm nothing, some of my friends I know they already passed except me. There is also a lot of pressure with my in laws coz I felt like they think I am really so dumb that I can't even pass the exam.

FOURTH TRY- my son is already one year and two months when I started studying again. I am so determined to pass this time. I will study after putting my baby to sleep which is 10-12pm so I always ended up sleeping 2am or 3am in the morning. I go to work early to study good thing there is Starbucks across my working place and study at my lunch break. And for my days off sometimes I can only study during the day when my baby is sleeping coz he is so active that you really have to watch him all the time. I did that for almost 2 1/2 months.

I used HURST review this time and just that with L. A. charity. I found out that I need content. Kaplan is good if you already know your content but HURST helped me to understand the "why" behind that disease or "why"behind that topic . And it really helped on how to answer critical thinking questions.

12 days before my exam I filed a vacation so I can study but things came up the one who is helping us to baby sit while me and my husband are working needs to go somewhere plus we are also short of employee at work that I really have to work some days too. I thought I can study a whole day straight but I guess not. So I am up for a challenge and I just did the same thing that I am already doing. I have to admit babysitting, doing household choirs and working at the same time while studying is really tough but I know that I have to do some sacrifices for the sake of my family.

On the day of my exam, A lot of prayers and I woke up with a positive attitude my husband and my baby accompanied me in the testing center. On my previous exams it's only my husband waiting outside but this time looking at my son before entering that door gave me a lot of inspiration.

Sat down on my computer table and prayed. My first questions has a lot of pharm some SATA, s/s and some prioritization when I reached 75 I really wanted to have more questions coz I don't think I am doing so well and sure enough and I know that as long as I am getting questions I am still on the game. I am a lil bit faster now compared before but I still made sure that I understand the questions. The last few questions are getting harder I noticed I am getting more SATA, prioritization, delagation, ECG pictures,drag and drop, infection control but Im still get S/S questions and at 255 questions I told to my self I can do this that I will focused and do whatever I can to pass and I almost had SATA and prioritization and at 265 my last question I think is in below level question coz it's only asking me about s/s of stress. But at 61-64 I think I had all SATA. I know I got the last question right but when I am searching here they said if you finished at 265 and the last question is at below level question then you failed. And also I never had any calculation.

After the exam I actually felt a lil bit better. At least I did not run out of time so I might have a lil bit chance to pass. My husband really wanted me to do the pearson vue trick which is very accurate but I am so nervous that I don't want to know the result yet coz that's what we did for my last two exams. So we just waited patiently, two days after my husband picked me up at work with my son and while we are at car he showed me a video and he surprised me and yes he opened my mail, he is just so nervous too like me and finally I PASSED!! I couldn't believe at that moment that I just hug my son while crying.

So please even how many try NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!! I also prayed a lot. I know prayers can move mountains and have faith that YOU CAN DO IT that God is always beside you to help you. Be positive always and BELIEVE in YOURSELF!!

Congrats to you. I am so proud of you MyNCLEXJourney. You hard work paid off. It will be the fourth time for me also but by the Grace of God I will make it. I am so happy for you, it is like I passed the NCLEX. Lol. Take care and Celebrate with your faithful and beautiful family.

You are my inspiration!

Thank you so much and yes that's a good start kept saying that you are going to pass and claimed it that's what I did too. Before I study I always start it with a prayer. And I know that you can do it too. God is good all the time :)

Yes, God is good all the time. I can testify to that. Not because one failed NCLEX that don't make one a failure. It is just minor set backs. I graduated in 2008 from a BSN program but because of things out of my control. I couldn't do the exam then. However, I did it 3 times in 2013 but was unsuccessful. I know I will get my license in 2014. Thank you so much for your support. Again, I am very proud of you.


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Aww! very inspiring story, thank you for sharing your experience. I am currently preparing for my test and I am so anxious about this test but I know God is always there for us. I will conquer the NCLEX-RN as well. :) God bless you always! Please pray for me. :)


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Congrats! You are an inspiration to the people that are discouraged. Great job!!

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Awesome! Congrats nurse ?


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Congrats! :)

You inspired me to study harder. You've been through a lot and I can imagine how hard it is to work, be a mom and a wife. You deserve it! :)


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Congratulations! :) Thank you for those encouraging words. We have to say I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.

Yup, failing nclex once or twice etc. that is not going to define how good you are as a nurse. God has his own timing. Congratulations to you in advance :)

Aww! very inspiring story, thank you for sharing your experience. I am currently preparing for my test and I am so anxious about this test but I know God is always there for us. I will conquer the NCLEX-RN as well. :) God bless you always! Please pray for me. :)

I will, indeed prayers can move mountains. You can do it!

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