Passed A&P tonight!


Thank you to everyone who gave me support, encouragement, and the occasional shoe to butt! :) Tomorrow i start on Transitions, what's everyone else working on right now"?

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Oh and for those of you working on A&P right now, stick to the study guide like glue!!!


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Congrats!!!!:yeah: How bad was it? Any pointers on what I should be concentrating the most on?


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Wher Are you taking your class? I just start with I Indiana state university. I am so scared.


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:ancong!: that's a rough one!! Working on Lifespan 2 myself. Good Luck on Transitions so boring!!


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I'm studyin transitions myself at the min. I test on it Friday 9/3...we'll see how it goes. It seems so cut and dry that it's boring at best lol. I'm trying not to take too much time on this one and move on.

When are you gonna take your transitions test?


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If i can get through the reading i'll be taking it monday night (Aug 30) but if i get behind because we are going out of town this weekend then i may reschedule it to the week after next around sept 7. I can't take much more time than that though cause A&P put me so far behind...well scratch that... I put myself so far behind freaking out over A&P that i need to get back on my schedulet to get all nursing exams done before Jan.

A&P through EC was a TOUGH exam i wont even lie. I used IP interactive physiology 10 system suite CD ROM disc and it helped alot with both visual and audio. I also downloaded the lectures from that correlates with the text book by martini, and i looked up on youtue lectures for A&P from the university of berkley. not to mention bought the demystified series book, A&P the easy way, and found some other CD ROM discs to use as well. I actually just sold all my A&P materials to someone else taking that class right now! =) I havve ISBN numbers if anyone needs them i'll post them in alittle bit of everything i used!

I got a B on the exam

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This is my A&P WAS a little too much to tell the truth but here is what i used w/ ISBN numbers incase you want to look on ebay or half for something!

1. Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology 7th edition- Martini- ISBN 0805372989

2. Atlas of the human body- Martini- ISBN 0805372873

3. A&P Applications Manual- Martini- ISBN 0805372865

4. Anatomy Demystified- ISBN 0071438270

5. Physiology Demystified- ISBN 0071438289

6. Barron's Antomy & Physiology the Easy Way ISBN- 0812091345

7. IP Interactive Physiology 10 system suite CD Rom review disc ISBN 9780803361179

8.- 17. Wiley Interaction: Exploring the functions of the human body CD ROM discs as listed:

a. Nervous & Endocrine System ISBN- 9780471707509

b. Digestive & Metabolism ISBN- 9780471707547

c. Urinary System ISBN- 978471707561

d. Cardiovascular & Lymphatic systems ISBN- 9780471707523

e. Skeletal & Muscular systems ISBN- 9780471707516 (still NEW in plastic wrapping)

f. Respiratory system ISBN- 9784071707554 (still NEW in plastic wrap)

g. Reproduction ISBN- 9780471708735 (still NEW in plastic wrap)

h. Lymphatic, Integumenatry, & Immune systems ISBN- 9780471707530 (still new in plastic wrap)

i. Foundations of the human body overview disc ISBN- 9780471707493 (still new in plastic wrap)

j. Powerphys CD ROM NEW ISBN 9780471662891 - the back of this disc says it's an online lab disc...don't know i didnt use it.

18. Barron's Anatomy Flashcards

19 & 20 - two cassette tapes from chancellors study guides (no study guide included JUST the tapes) to listen to like a lecture

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I'm proud of you for taking it, and not rescheduling! We have been rewarded for our determination. :D


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lol...yeah I stressed out over the A/P exam myself, got horribly low scores on the practice exams both times (like mid 40's) but when i finally steeled my nerves and took it, I passed with a "B" w/out problems. I was def proud to have passed that exam b/c it's def a hard one. I think the only other one i'll stress out over that much is MICRO:(


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can anyone tell me how many questions there are on the test? i looked but can't seem to find it. (i think my brain is almost fried from studying for a&p).


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never mind. i found it. 160 questions in 3 hours.