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  1. hey, just wanted to throw in my 2cents, i know i always appreciated it when people who had actually finished posted encouragement! i started in october 2009 then finished october 2010 after being an lpn for 1 year. i worked part time and used study guide 101. i took the cpne in mansfield, ohio. (excellent site). i took lynn's workshop and used rob's videos. one thing i was disapointed in was saunders rn nclex comprehensive review. the questions were about 10x easier than the actual nclex. i would not recomend it. excelsior is difficult, but it is doable. hang in there.
  2. cheltoe

    How long to complete EC LVN to RN?

    started october 2009, finished october 2010. i took the month of december off and a couple of months in the summer due to a car accident. the wait for my cpne date seemed to take the longest.
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  4. cheltoe

    cpne in mansfield, ohio

    i tested in mansfield the first weekend in october. i passed with no repeats. excellent site. can't say enough good things about it and the people there. good luck!!
  5. cheltoe

    Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    i have to agree. i was sure i had failed. (didn't feel that way with the nclexpn) got the good popup and a couple of days later my name was on the tbon. worked like a charm.
  6. cheltoe

    Saunders NCLEX helpful for ECE???

    hi, i used saunders for some (very little) of the eces but i found out very quickly when i took the nclex on 12/20 that the saunders questions were alot easier than the actual nclex questions. i had read where a couple of people thought they were too easy, but there were so many positive reviews that i got it any way. i passed, but i wished i had gotten something different. just my 2cents.
  7. cheltoe

    Thank You allnurses

    i am now an rn!! i just can't believe it. thanks everyone. i really got alot of help and support on here. :clpty::dancgrp::dancgrp::dancgrp::dancgrp::hpygrp::hpygrp::hpygrp:
  8. cheltoe

    seems like more people are passing lately?

    i also wonder if more people just post about passing than failing. i have three friends that have taken it within the last couple of months and all 3 failed. there were 6 in my group and i know for sure that only 4 made it back the 3rd day (aside from me don't know how many of those 3 passed).
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    i just finished with excelsior on nov 19 and will sit for the nclex on monday the 20th. i had almost all my prereqs and it took me right at 1 year. it is very hard, but doable. the 3 day clinical (cpne) is brutal, but again, doable. there is a wealth of information on the distance learning forum under "students". i really learned alot over there. good luck.
  10. cheltoe

    Those studying for the CPNE- here's a huge tip

    hi, i passed the cpne oct. 5 this year with no repeats. i took a workshop and used rob's dvd's and i really think rob's helped me the most. rob has a website. i think it's something like robscpne.com. you should be able to find it.
  11. cheltoe

    State requiring the least paperwork from EC to take your

    not tennesssee. conferral date nov. 19 and still waiting. well, after typing that i realize it's less than a month, but i'm still waiting to take the nclex.
  12. cheltoe

    TN BON

    anyone remember how long it took the bon to issue your authorization to test after they recieved your application, etc.? i am anxiously awaiting the nclex rn.
  13. cheltoe

    Studygroup 101 Practice Tests

    i found the sg101 flash cards to be very helpful.
  14. cheltoe

    western governors university

    I would really appreciate some details too if you get a chance. Thanks
  15. cheltoe

    EC Clinicals impossible to pass?

    i passed in october on my first try with no repeats. yes, it can be done.