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i had the best time at the convention, so much to learn so little time. i met the nicest nurses from all over the world, and came back with a sense of professional pride , and my spirit has been renewed, if any of you can go in 2 years to minnestoa, don,t hesitate, go. i am already saving my pennies and may just try to make it as a delegate. i can also see why philly is the city of brotherly love, all the people there were GREAT to us and the mummers parade was a sight to see. wish you all could have been there, also elizabeth norman gave an inspirational talk at the opening ceremony that really touched us all, i went out and bought her books as soon as i got home and will be starting one soon, just wanted you all to know i am proud to be associated with such a group as all of you!


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I could use some inspiration these days.



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shoot inspiration...i could have used a trip to philly...i NEED time away!!!!!!! i need a BREAK!!!!!


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Woo 2,

Sorry we didn't meet up with you in Philadelphia! NrsKaren said she got to talk with you briefly.

I agree with you, the convention was fun, and it was so nice to meet nurses from all over the place. The Mummer's parade was great too! I was a bit disappointed with the HOD sessions though.

I'm glad the convention is in my town next time, then I won't have to pay for lodging or food! By the way, wasn't the Reading Terminal Market wonderful?!!!


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the convention is in Washington DC next year, I think.

Minnesota in 2004


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JT, you are correct. I meant 2004. It's in DC every other year, right?

Didn't mean to confuse anyone!


I too had a great time and will be attending the convention in 2004. Which is a good thing too, because less travel, cheaper. Thank god, I didn't hear about the German and Russian mid-air crash before I got on the plane.

The Mummer's parade was fantastic. We learned that I blush very easily and sad to say that I cannot polka.

The education sessions were great, but I am bringing sweaters next year.

I agree with Bassbird that the HOD was very disappointing for several reasons.

It was great to meet the various nurses from all around the nation.

The demonstration during one of the plenary sessions was extremely interesting.

The average age I would guess to say 40 years old.

Great convention, expensive, but still a great learning experience.

See you all in 2004.:D

Oh, yes.


For the great information, explanations and networking that you gave to us. I am sure that BASSBIRD will agree.

We will have to do it again.

But next time can we go to bed earlier.??:D


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Hey Moonshadeau,

I agree with you 100%, Jenny P is a super mentor!!! Thanks Jenny.

As far as sleep goes, you got up earlier than I did today. By the way, do you mind if I post a picture of you at the Mummer's parade? Just let me know. I could always use the one with the mask.

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Hi everyone. Thanks for the kind words, Moonshadeau and Bassbird. I'm counting on being involved in the 2004 convention planning as much as possible.

Hey, Moonshadeau; who was the one who kept us up so late????? ;) ;) ;) :) We did have fun, though, didn't we?

NrsKaren, you are just the neatest person; and I really enjoyed meeting you and having you teach me about soft shelled crabs-- and Reading Terminal Market.

And Woo, I'm sorry we didn't meet also. I hope we will meet in Minneapolis in 2004.

Hey everybody, start saving all your spare change NOW so you can come to the ANA convention in 2004 here in lovely Minnesota!

woo 2

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i too will make minnesota in 2004 already saving my pennies, next time though i'm planning on bringing my husband for my roomate!

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Woo, I'll give you fair warning about bringing your husband for a roomie for a nursing convention: they don't realize we ACTUALLY ARE in meetings most of the convention! I took my hubby and kids a number of years ago to DC for one, and they tried WAITING for me to get out of meetings so I could sightsee with them! It took them 1 1/2 days before they believed that I wouldn't be around and that they should sight see without me; but after that, we did okay.

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