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Part time work and Nursing program?


Hello all, I just got accepted into the nursing program for fall 2013. I was wondering if anyone is/was able to work part time while going to nursing school? I work monday-friday 4:15p to 8:30p. I just want to prepare myself if when it comes time to start if I should be giving a 2 week notice or not. I know if I wasn't working it would probably be better so I can focus on school. I work as a unit secretary for a rehab unit. I'm also a CNA but only pick up time if I need extra cash right now. I know the program is intense!

Racer15, BSN, RN

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I was in an ADN program and worked 40 hours a week for the first two semesters. I cut back my last two semesters and was only working an average of 20-30 hours a week.

I personally don't recommend it at all. Lots of folks do it, but I don't recommend it. Things can get pretty hairy especially in the first semester. My honest opinion is to complete the first semester (without working) and then decide for yourself. If you can manage financially at all, my recommendation is don't do it. That's extra time you can be doing reading or practicing your clinical skills.

I didn't work the first two semesters. Now that Summer is coming, I've picked up a student intern position for experience and money. I hope to work through my third and fourth semesters. I have plenty of classmates that work part time and full time hours and they're all doing ok. It depends on your stress capabilities. I suppose if you didn't think you could handle the pressure...you wouldn't wanna be a nurse ;-)

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I worked 32 hours weekly as an LPN/LVN while attending an RN completion program. I worked two 16-hour shifts per week as an LVN charge nurse at a local nursing home every Saturday and Sunday from 6:00am to 10:00pm. This compressed schedule enabled me to have Monday through Friday off to focus on school.

I work twenty hours a week approximately on top of my schedule and I also am a volunteer firefighter and emt. It can be done.

I find I need to have some constraints on my schedule. There is such a thing as "too much studying." sometimes you just have to sit down with the attitude of "I'm only gonna do what I can do, and that's it." If you're busy all day, and you know you ONLY have an hour to study, you're gonna get it done. If I have all day to do something? Chances are way too good that I've wasted most of the day watching TV, being on FB, or whatever, and then it's 5 PM and I haven't done squat.


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I worked while going to nursing school for my LPN and Im getting ready to start my bridge in a month. I worked third shift Thursday-Saturday. The nice thing about my job is that Im by myself at night at a small assisted living facility so I get some study time in at my job during the night. It really helped me while I was in school. Otherwise I don't think I would have had the self discipline to study so much on my own at home! Luckily I still have the same job going into my bridge, but things are a bit more hectic then they used to be too.

I hope to work pt as well this fall during my lpn program. I work 7 hour shifts but we have a lot of down time so I hope to be able to study

My .2 cents, 1st attempt in a Rn program like a dummie i was working eveyday! Had class on mondays & wednesdays & clinicals on on tuesdays & guess what I NOT ONLY FAILED NOT ONCE BUT TWICE WHY BECAUSE NO TIME TO REALLY STUDY! fast forward 2 years later almost finished with my LPN PROGRAM jn aug had 2 quit my job last year because they wouldnt work around my hours ok fine, got a pt nurse tech job in nov where i make my OWN schedule & i only work 2 days a week & its mostly weekends either a 8 or 12 hour shift b/c i dont want or need anything getting in the way of me keeping my 3.5 gpa! But do what you can. Yes paying bills & taking care of kids are important BUT PASSING NURSING SCHOOL IS ALSO IMPORTANT!

I worked about 20 hours a week when I was in nursing school. You can work, go to school, and have a life at the same time; you just need to figure out how to prioritize everything.

I am also heading to school in the fall, and plan on working 16-20 hours a week. My school is in a hospital and offers half off tuition if you work at minimum 160 hours a semester. They also give you a casual position so you can arrange your hours for what you need. From everything I have read, people say it can be done. I also feel it will give me the structure I need. It will keep me responsible for my hours I do have to study.

Another thing that you should be reminded of is your mental health. I have read books to help with nursing school survival. They warn very cautiously that you also need to take some amount of time for yourself in order to stay sane and healthy. So make sure to also leave yourself time to spend with your loved ones and significant other. You need to plan that time and stick to it. Just like everything else in life. (:

I also hope to work part-time when i start my program this Fall. I was thinking about working full-time, which is physically possible... but I dont think I would be able to do it emotionally/mentally

I hope I can do the same. My family relys on the benefits I get from work. It would be very scary to go 2 years with no health benefits.