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I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on their experiences with the PA Board of Nursing. I am currently in the process of registering to take the NCLEX, and am getting very frustrated at how long it is taking to process my transcripts. I have friends in other states who got their transcripts processed and received their ATT within 24 hours of them being sent. The board is also nearly impossible to get a hold of and are not very helpful if you do get to speak with them.

Has anyone had any luck with speaking to someone who can expedite the process of transcripts? Or is anyone in a similar situation?

Thanks! :)

I am having the same experience. I just spoke to someone on the phone who said there is nothing to they can do to expedite the process. She explained that transcripts have to go through two different receiving centers before they are even noted in the system and this takes about four weeks. After the transcript is noted in the system it takes 14-20 days for it to be processed. She said there is a very high volume right now so it may even take longer. I agree, this is very frustrating especially because I had to wait 3 hours to speak to someone...

I am having the same issue, my class graduated may 5th, and NEV was sent on May 15th. My application was completed and $$ for on May 30th. I still do not have an ATT. Has any driven there and had results? i waited on hold for 2 hours on Monday for no information.

I am also experiencing the same delay. My transcripts were sent almost a month ago and still say they have not been received. I had them sent again just in case. Glad to know I am not the only one in the same boat. However, I would like to take my NCLEX sooner rather than later!

I was debating driving there as well but I don't know if it would make any difference. Someone else online said that they had success doing that but I don't want to make a long drive for nothing

I called the state senators office and they have been very helpful with calling the BON for me. Our class was done May 24th our school mailed our transcripts May 30th and I applied that week as well. Currently I have been told that they are reviewing the begin of May applications and this total process may take 6-8 weeks from the time you applied. They do have a new system and clearly it is flawed. New jersey applicants have gotten their ATT the next day which is very frustrating for PA applicants.

Crazy! seems like everyone is having the same issue. If anyone hears anything please keep me posted! Good luck!

I'm having the same issue as well. I graduated May 4th and my transcripts and NEV left my school on May 8th. I call almost everyday. One lady finally told me to expect weeks to months of waiting. Even though I had already waited an entire month. It is very frustrating. I'm going to lose my spot in a really cool program if I don't test by mid-July. I let the lady at the BON know that and she basically told me mid-July would not happen. I don't know what to do at this point, it doesn't seem right they can be costing us our jobs and they have no system in place. I'm considering driving down there as well but it is about 3.5 hours from where I live. I would hate to make the drive and get treated the same way as I do on the phone, no answers from anybody, nobody knows whats going on or how long it will take. If anyone gets anymore information please let us know! I'll post any new info if I get it.

Very frustrating especially because PA is my home state but I won't even be working here--I will have to still get licensed in another state after this via endorsement. Does anyone know if it's possible to just start over and apply in another state? Or is the damage done and we are just stuck in this waiting game

I actually asked about that when I called one time. I am originally from Georgia and just moved to Pa. I asked her if I would be better off just getting my Ga license (because it takes like 2 weeks there tops) and transferring it. She said I could but then the endorsement process with Pa is even longer than this process, so it wouldn't be quicker for me. But she did make it sound like it was an option. As far as I've heard we can apply for as many licenses as we want. I wish I could work in any other state but this one at this point. I have classmates registered in TX, NC, GA, TN, and CA, all who have already taken the NCLEX while I still wait.

Update: well i ended up going to the board, and it worked... i got my ATT. In my option the drive was worth it

That's awesome! I'm going to make the drive on Thursday. How did it work for you once you got there? Was there a long wait time?

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