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  1. Stellar88

    Pa Board of Nursing--Transcripts

    My license became active yesterday! So a week exactly from the day I tested.
  2. Stellar88

    Pa Board of Nursing--Transcripts

    Has anybody had any luck in receiving their license number? I tested on 7/17 (passed according to Quick Results) and need to be licensed to start my job by 7/30.
  3. Stellar88

    Pa Board of Nursing--Transcripts

    I finally received my ATT on July 3rd. I called (for the billionth time) and basically refused to get off the phone, asked for a supervisor and let them know my next step was contacting my state representative. I had my ATT about 30 minutes later.
  4. Stellar88

    Pa Board of Nursing--Transcripts

    That's awesome! I'm going to make the drive on Thursday. How did it work for you once you got there? Was there a long wait time?
  5. Stellar88

    Pa Board of Nursing--Transcripts

    I actually asked about that when I called one time. I am originally from Georgia and just moved to Pa. I asked her if I would be better off just getting my Ga license (because it takes like 2 weeks there tops) and transferring it. She said I could but then the endorsement process with Pa is even longer than this process, so it wouldn't be quicker for me. But she did make it sound like it was an option. As far as I've heard we can apply for as many licenses as we want. I wish I could work in any other state but this one at this point. I have classmates registered in TX, NC, GA, TN, and CA, all who have already taken the NCLEX while I still wait.
  6. Stellar88

    Pa Board of Nursing--Transcripts

    I'm having the same issue as well. I graduated May 4th and my transcripts and NEV left my school on May 8th. I call almost everyday. One lady finally told me to expect weeks to months of waiting. Even though I had already waited an entire month. It is very frustrating. I'm going to lose my spot in a really cool program if I don't test by mid-July. I let the lady at the BON know that and she basically told me mid-July would not happen. I don't know what to do at this point, it doesn't seem right they can be costing us our jobs and they have no system in place. I'm considering driving down there as well but it is about 3.5 hours from where I live. I would hate to make the drive and get treated the same way as I do on the phone, no answers from anybody, nobody knows whats going on or how long it will take. If anyone gets anymore information please let us know! I'll post any new info if I get it.
  7. Stellar88

    PA BON TPP w/Past DUI

    Hi, I am in the exact same boat. I got a DUI 9 years ago in Georgia, I was 21 and stupid and learned my lesson. Now I'm 30 and I feel like I'm still being punished for this mistake from almost a decade ago. I was told all through nursing school that this would most likely not be a problem when it came to obtaining my license. Now I've been waiting a month and half with no answer from the board. Almost all of my classmates have taken the NCLEX and are licensed. I have spoken with the BON a number of times and each time they tell me that my paperwork has to go over to the "legal" department to be evaluated. Apparently their legal team needs to confirm the allegations with the state of Georgia. However, every time I call they say it hasn't been sent to the legal department yet. The lady basically told me she was too busy to work on that right now. She also told me that their legal department can take weeks to months to get the paperwork back to her to be evaluated. She basically told me I should give up on my job opportunity because I would not be testing anytime soon. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but I figured you would want to have all the information I have. Have you been able to speak to anybody or get any answers? I just keep holding on to hope that someone will take initiative and process my application. It feels horrible to be treated like a second class citizen because of something that happened so long ago.
  8. Stellar88

    Pennsylvania State Boards

    I am in the same boat. I have an out of state DUI from 9 years ago. I applied for my license on May 1st and still have no answer. After waiting hours on hold with the Pa BON I finally talked to someone, she said I should expect to wait weeks to MONTHS while my application went through their "legal" department. If I don't test by mid-July I lose my new job, I told the lady at the BON this and she basically laughed saying she doubted mid-July would happen. Have you received any updates?
  9. Stellar88

    Passed NCLEX-RN where is my license?

    Did you ever get your license? I have a 2009 misdemeanor and am currently waiting on my ATT. They are telling me it could be months before I get my ATT because I have to go to "legal" because of my criminal history. Just wanting to know if it all worked out for you.
  10. Stellar88

    NclexPA/ Bon

    I am looking for information everywhere! for your Pa BON application did you have to provide a finger print based background check? I cannot find any information on the subject and I am not from there so have no one to ask who has been through the process.
  11. Stellar88

    Moved to PA -- Need FBI Fingerprint Checks (???)

    I have this question also. I'm finishing nursing school in Georgia but applying for my license in Pennsylvania. Georgia requires a finger print based background check sent straight to the BON. However, I can't find any information on what Pa requires. It just says criminal history background with no specifics. Anyone applied recently?? what did you submit?