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Overdue baby testing?



I did a search on this topic because I didn't want to repeat a post. I seen a post on how far past due date mom need to be before Docs intervene. I was due on 10/12/04, ( I have pretty regular cycles and know the date of conception ;)) I do not want to be induced, but I am concerned about the babies well being. I read in the other post that they usually do non-stress testing every couple of days past due date? I am due to have some testing done on the 20th. Is that too late? Baby is still active, but I have no signs of labor. My last appointment at 40 weeks and 1 day, I was not dilated or effaced. Should I have requested testing sooner?

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A non-stress test is recommended twice a week once you reach term. You can go two more weeks past due without and increase in the likelihood of complications, so long as the NST's are reactive. During the two weeks the doc can be doing things to encourage labor like stripping membvranes, or intravaginal hormone suppositories.

You said that baby is active, which is great. Make sure you keep track of movements. You should be doing fetal movement counts twice daily. Good luck!


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you are not REALLY overdue.

Normal gestation is 38-42 weeks. You are right in that window, albeit moving toward the latter part. IF the baby is active, and you are healthy, you likely have nothing to worry about. But, you can request nonstress testing if you are in search of reassurance. That is reasonable and easy to do.

Managed by a midwife, you would not even be considered overdue or in any sort of abnormal pattern (having not gone into labor yet). The medical model is such that most women by your point would have been stuck in the hospital, gels/pills put in their cervices to ripen them, and pitocin drips started. That is the norm some places, but can cause real problems for bodies NOT ready for labor. That yours chose a conservative route in a healthy situation puts you a "leg up", if you ask me.

Try not to worry. If you make it to 42 weeks, not having shown a single sign of labor kicking in, I am sure your health care provider will discuss options to take. Try to relax til then. The female body is much more complex and smarter than we give it credit for. Let nature take its course wherever possible, as long as you and your baby remain healthy. It's worth the wait.

I wish you all the best in delivery and for a healthy, happy baby. Congratulations to you and your family.


you are not REALLY overdue.

Normal gestation is 38-42 weeks.

I have always wanted to propose changing the terminology from "due date" to "due month"! Then maybe this concept will be more easily understood and accepted?


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Me too!!!!! You are onto something.

Hear, hear!!! *clapping* I can't tell you how many times I've had a pt. show up and her chief complaint was "it's my due date." Um, okaaaaaaaaaaaaay....might wanna send your baby a memo. LMAO



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I was 2 weeks overdue with my son before my doc decided to do a c-section. Had CPD and baby weighed 9# 9 1/2 oz. I did a stress test each week beginning at my due date, and was checked each time - never dilated/effaced, nothing. No labor pains even! We finally did an untrasound prior to an amnio, but he couldn't find a water pocket large enough to get the sample from. Ended up with a c-section that very afternoon...and a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

I realize that 2 weeks either way from your due date is the norm. And most first babies are closer to the 41-42 week mark. I was more concerned with the health then the actual date, because I read the other post about the non-stress test.

This morning at 8 am I lost my mucus plug and had some bloody show. Now, I have been having tolerable contractions since 7:30pm that are about 10 minutes apart now, but don't seem to be getting any more intense or closer. Guess I have to wait somemore :)

Well, if you read this in time burger... good luck to you, the baby, and your family! I will say a little prayer tonight for all of you, that all is wonderful. :)

Thank you for well wishes,

But I am not rushing out to the hospital just yet. I was just reading all the post on here about people "crying wolf" that they were in labor, when they are barely dilated. I don't want to be one of "them" LOL.

;) And remember, the mucous plug regenerates and you can actually "lose" it more than once.

This is what I tell pts. when I send them home after a false alarm....when your husband is scared to talk to you or touch you, when your mom is considering calling a priest to perform and exorcism....that's labor. ;)

When's the next full moon, anyway? Have sex and eat some fried calamari. :D

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