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  1. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    We had a baby a couple of weeks ago named Espn. It's pronounced ES-pin. Dad is a big sports fan:uhoh3: The local paper ran a story on it! Beth
  2. funniest thing you saw a nurse do.......

    This happened to a nurse I used to work with. Working in L&D in the cold north. She would wear a turtle neck under her scrubs. If she had to scrub a c-section she would go into the med room and change out of the turtlenck. She did this numer...
  3. Ice Packs?

    We use "Cool Peri-Pad" they are made by Centurion. On the package is the address 301 Catrell Dr., Howell, MI 48843. 1-800-248-4058
  4. Athlete's version of labor

    Sort of OT but who else hates the term "elderly primip"? Beth
  5. 7p-7a nurses: do you spend enough time w/ your family?

    I went to 12 hour nights so I could see my 9yo son more. When I worked days I left the house before he had to get up for school. Got home around 8pm just in time to say "go to bed" Now, I can get home in time to bring him to school (his school s...
  6. Okay OB nurses All about a cesearean?

    One thing I would like to add: When the doc is getting the baby out, they have to apply pressure to the fundus. This can be rather scary feeling if you aren't aware of it. It feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest and it is hard to breath...
  7. What's the best part about your job?

    seeing a dad cry after the birth of his child
  8. What's the best part about your job?

    seeing a dad cry after the birth of his child
  9. Phenergan?

    I got curious the other day so I drew up some phenergan and tested it using some of our nitrazine paper. The ph according to that was 5.0 personally I dilute with 9cc of saline when I am pushing it and I know it still burns.
  10. Dealing with Birthmoms & Adoptive moms

    I just recently dealt with this. It does depend on the staff, how many are in for a c/section. Normally here it is one, but in this case, they allowed both adoptive parents in the OR. The amount of contact you have with the baby is basically up to...
  11. What is your hospital's policy on supplemental feeding?

    No supplements here except by mom's request or dr's order. This is very rare though. If babe isn't nursing well, mom pumps and give that to babe. We cupfeed. If babe is jaundiced, under lights, usually pc per md order
  12. What do you HATE to do at work?

    I hate to write or rewrite policies! I hate it when we are slow and my nurse manager asks "Can you write a policy for ______?" She knows that I would rather pull my eyelashes out one by one than wwrite a policy!:rotfl:
  13. Trying to Bust a Strike

    I think he meant that the patients deserve preofessional, skilled care while the nurses strike. Not that they didn't receive it before the strike.
  14. I think nursing school is getting to me...

    I love it when the patient is intubated but can still talk!:rotfl: Now that takes talent!
  15. Just wanted to clarify, we got her a new pitcher to use with the ice machine:chuckle