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OB is my second passion, my family is my first! I have three grown kids, one Son in law and one Daughter in law and a grandbaby on the way. I am a Labor nurse, childbirth educator, lactation consultant, Fetal Monitoring educator, NRP educator etc....

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  1. kmrmom42

    Customer Service...........yay or nay?

    Wow, this thread has been very interesting to me. I am a nurse who, fortunately or unfortunately, gets to see both sides of things, the clinical and the administrative. I have worked at the bedside for many years and still can and do in a pinch. Currently I am a unit-based educator and, as such, I am privy to the administrative processes that go into keeping the hospital operational. The most important staff in ANY hospital are its medical and nursing staff. Administration knows that they are to be protected almost at all costs. An administrator can take on the job of two or three other administrators to their detriment but nurses cannot be asked to do the same without huge costs to the operation. Most hospitals in my current area have had to make cuts to save costs, not only due to the current economy but also due to the regulatory environment we are currently functioning in. I am sure that most of you know that hospitals do not get paid for the treatment of a UTI, skin wound, pneumonia and other conditions if they are acquired during the hospital stay. DRGs have made it necessary to try to get patients out of the hospital as quickly as possible because there comes a point in a patient's stay when their care is no longer paid for AT ALL because there is a set number of days they are expected to stay r/t those DRGs. In response to this need to cut costs in order to be able to pay the salaries of the medical and nursing staff administration in almost all of our area hospitals has taken huge hits. I currently work for two organizations involving three hospitals. Both organizations have cut salaried staff from 40 hours to either 37.5 or 36 hours per week. In addition, there was not only no decrease in the expectation for work produced but, in fact, many administrators have been let go and their jobs incorporated into the now decreased paid hours of the ones who remain. Directors and managers are now responsible for two or three service areas....an almost impossible task. As a result there have been NO lay offs or salary cuts for the medical and nursing staff and that is okay with those of us who do not provide the day to day care of the patients, we KNOW that is the priority and we work without pay to make sure that you can do your job. I agree that there are a lot of requests that come from administration that seem silly- scripting, increasing customer survey scores etc. but they come from an effort to increase revenues so that they can keep their nurses. Hospitals are starting to look at successful businesses for solutions to our issues. What is it that they do that makes their "customers" happy? Like it or not we do have customers. Patients, non-hospital employed physicians, outside vendors etc. These are all people who can take their business elsewhere. Hospitals do have to make money in order to pay salaries and the largest hit they take is nursing salaries, appropriately so. Hospitals are now required to post their pt. satisfaction scores as well as their rates on those "acquired in the hospital" infections so that patients can choose where they want to go for their care (and yes, many people do have options). So, in this current environment what you may not see is all the effort that is going into trying to increase outpatient services and other service lines that actually bring in money as opposed to inpatient care where we often lose money. That leaves administration in the difficult position of having little time to do anything but try to come up with quick fixes for inpatient issues. As nurses we have a lot more power than we recognize. If a group of you who truly care about what happens on your units took some time to get together and try to come up with some real solutions to your issues that you can present to administration I can't help but think they would at least listen if not respond. The hard thing for an administrator is when people come with complaints but don't offer solutions expecting that overwhelmed administrator to come up with the solution themselves. I am not an administrator per se but I am one of those people who has had hours cut, more expectations piled on and people come to me with issues expecting me to solve them. I love it when someone comes to me with workable solutions, I stand on my head to try to help make those solutions happen! Now I think I can predict what the reaction will be to my comment above...."how can we take time to get together to come up with solutions, we are already swamped". The truth is we are ALL swamped, just in different ways and if we are ever to get out of that situation we need to solve our own problems and not just complain. I know that many of you are trying to do just that, we just need MORE of you to help us get out of this rut. There is power in numbers. Unfortunately money is needed for many of the solutions but we just need to keep that in mind as we propose those solutions. What will solve our problems that will be cost-effective, allow us to provide the best evidence-based care and make our patients happy at the same time? We need to put our thinking caps on and provide solutions to administration that will truly work for nurses and patients alike. Sorry for the soap box, being in the middle is a tough place to be, I value the points that both sides are trying to make, we just need to all get together and find some common ground. (And yes, sometimes I DO wear rose-colored glasses) Thanks for listening!!
  2. kmrmom42

    NP discusses MJ on national TV ????

    I read through the posts until I found one that at least somewhat mirrored my initial reaction. I agree that her behavior is making us all look bad. Nurses were once thought to be the most trusted of professionals. What will the public think about trusting us in the future after this violation of a dead man's privacy. If there is any information that the public needs to know about drugs being involved in MJs death it should come from the legal system and not from a shameless publicity seeker.
  3. kmrmom42

    Multiple Sclerosis

    pegsuern, I am an L&D nurse, currently OB clinical educator, with MS since 1996. I live in CT and I am 52...so it sounds like we have a lot in common. If you want to you can email me . I only go on this board once in a while. Karen
  4. kmrmom42

    Multiple Sclerosis

    How is everybody? I have moved from Florida back to CT because I now have two new grandbabies! Problem is the stress of a new job, uncertain living situation etc. is making living with MS a bit more challenging lately. I am sure once things settle down things will get better but for now I just have to hold one of my beautiful grandsons to feel stronger! I was just wondering how the others on this board with MS are doing?
  5. kmrmom42

    Fears cloud marijuana legalization

    I am not sure people are as apathetic as you think, mystcnurse. Just look at the number of nurses on this discussion board that have strong, well articulated opinions. I think that real life makes it difficult for us to find the time or the energy to create change ourselves. That is why I make sure that I am a member or at least one professional organization that DOES have the time, energy, knowledge, and with my paid membership, the money to do it for me! In my opinion that is the best way nurses can band together to create change. P.S. I :heartbeat how this site lets me be a year younger than I am! (Note age above)
  6. kmrmom42

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Oooh, I forgot...try the MS Society. They probably have a list of specialists in your area.
  7. kmrmom42

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Hi, I am sorry that you are going through this. All of us who have a diagnosis have at least SOME understanding of how you are feeling. It is a tough time, hang in there, believe it or not it does get better, at least in terms of your emotions. If what you have is relapsing-remitting then it also gets better in terms of your symptoms as well! I think you should ask your primary physician for a referral to an MS specialist. Or, another option is to call a neuro who does not work with you and ask the office if they are an MS specialist and if they say no then ask who is. Where do you live? I can tell you of a practice in Orlando, FL if you live near there. Good luck with your search. And, although I know it is hard, try not to get too far ahead of yourself. YOu never know how this disease will manifest itself in any one particular person. Many of us do VERY well living with it. I was diagnosed just before I took the NCLEX so I know how you are feeling about your future in nursing. That was over 10 years ago for me and I am still a nurse! I hope that gives you hope.
  8. kmrmom42

    Thinking of moving back to CT

    I thought I would try again to see if anyone has any suggestions for me.
  9. kmrmom42

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Ask your doctor if you can try Provigil. I had tried several other meds for MS related fatigue and nothing worked until this one. I can't believe how much more energy I have since I started on it. It isn't perfect but it sure has improved things for me. Maybe it will be right for you?
  10. kmrmom42

    Funny things you have said but wish you didn't

    Hahaha! That is funny. You must be a phlebotomist, huh? Maybe next time you could say spinal cord defect and get away from the neural/nasal dilemma. Welcome to this web site. You are sure to like it.:welcome: Karen
  11. kmrmom42

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Thanks so much dijmart and robinbird for your replies about Copaxone. I guess I am just going to have to get used to it! I definitely learned that it is better at room temp than straight out of the fridge but it still hurts quite a bit. Oh well, I guess I just have to grin and bear it!
  12. kmrmom42

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Well, my latest MRI showed new lesions and areas of inflammation. According to the neurologist it also showed brain atrophy That was depressing to hear. Anyway, I am starting on Copaxone (have used Betaseron before). I am an RN so I do not need instructions on how to give myself SQ injections and they gave me a sample pack of 14 syringes. So, today I gave myself my first shot in the abdomen which is where I always gave myself the betaseron. No problem with the injection itself but the med stung like a son of a B and that pain lasted for alt least 10 minutes. It started easing up after that but I could still feel it for quite a while longer. Is this typical? I am not sure I can deal with this on a daily basis! Tomorrow I guess I will try another spot but I sure hope it doesn't hurt like that again. Any suggestions from anyone? Karen in FL
  13. a willingness to work hard, learn something new every day, be a team player, put your patient's safety and well-being before anything else and of course..... your smile!!! i know this what not what you were asking but it is what i think the answer should be!
  14. kmrmom42


    All I know about Jacksonville is that they have nice beaches and that they have the Mayo Clinic which is affiliated with St Lukes Hospital. The Mayo has bought out St Lukes and they are building a new hospital so I imagine there will be lots of hiring going on. Wages do seem to be going up since the cost of living has been rising in FL but I can't say exactly what they are paying up there. Jacksonville seems to me like a really nice place to live.
  15. kmrmom42

    Florida nursing salaries - seriously????

    This is me on the beach!! The things I love about the beach are: the sound of the waves breaking and crashing on the shore the breeze on my warm, sun-drenched skin the generally muted sound of children playing and people happy and having a good time the relaxing effect of being somewhere that I cannot do any housework or work work a good beach book buying an ice cream from the truck squishing my toes in the sand walking along the beach picking up shells and other interesting things eating my peanut butter sandwich and grapes with only the slightest amount of sandy crunch! the smell of suntan lotion watching boats on the horizon watching the surfers, skimboarders, parasailers etc. sea gulls, sandpipers, pelicans and other sea birds going to the beach when the sea turtles are hatching and returning to sea finding a star fish, hermit crabs, a jelly fish or a horshoe crab I have more but I think you get the idea! To me the beach is a little slice of heaven!
  16. kmrmom42

    Thinking of moving back to CT

    Hi all, While I was once a CT nurse I am now an interloper here! I moved to FL 4 years ago and although I love the weather and beaches and I LOVE my job I am thinking that a move back to CT may be necessary for family reasons. So, I am looking for a job, not as a clinical nurse, but rather as an educator (OB unit or college nursing), Lactation Consultant, Assistant Manager of an OB unit or something along those lines. Currently I am an OB Educator and I am considered part of the management triad of Director, Manager and Educator. I also run the Community ed program (childbirth classes etc,) and the Lactation program. I am looking for something between Harwinton (son and d-i-l) and Hebron (daughter and s-i-l). Anyone have any ideas? kmrmom42

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