Out of Body Experience Clues May Hide in the Mind

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  1. What do you think about out-of-body experiences?

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      I am a firm believer in out-of-body-experiences
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      I think out-of-body experiences are a bunch of hooey
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      I'm not sure what to think about of-of-body experiences
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      I KNOW out of body experiences are real! I've had one!

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Hi all! I don't know your personal opions on out-of-body-experiences, but I find them fascinating. Today, on CNN.com, they have an article that indicates some Swiss physcians may have determined their origin-accidentally! :eek:

Click on this link for more:


I don't know that I agree with them, but it is certainly interesting!;)


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I read this in an AZ paper yesterday. I'm not sure what I believe, but my mom had one...and she says she saw the bright tunnel...and felt herself lifting up off the table while having a TAHBSO. I believe her...but not sure what they causes are. I guess we'll all find out one day for sure.

cactus wren

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I have not personally had an out of body experiance. But my dear MIL had 2 (one after anaphylaxis from swine flu vaccine, and second following AMI) and she never lied about anything.

Also have had many patients relate their experiances to me, most of them were quite shook up by entire thing.

I think that scientists are still searching for "reasons" because they are tyoes who can`t accept something on faith, have to have "reason".....Same type of folks who are dumbfounded by that study that showed people who were prayed for did better, even if they didn`t know they were being prayed for.

And how about all of our dying patients who are escorted by their folks who have gone before, I think we have all seen that.Some things just ARE.


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I remember several years ago watching/hearing about a test where they spun the people around in this machine at super high speeds - G forces close to I'm thinking G10.... close to passing out. Those people reported out-of-body experiences that I thought they related to lack of O2 to the temporal lobe of the brain.

This other study had a group of nuns pray while being monitored.... they had a decrease in activity in the temoral lobe and at the same time experienced visions - angels and such. Wish I could remember where I heard/read this.

I personally think it's possible that our Creator programmed us biologically to experience these out-of-body experiences to help us deal with death ... frankly if it helps someone or their family to cope with the situation or provides comfort then I'm all for it.


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I agree with both Cactus Wren and KittyW. The most astounding incident of this that I ever saw was when I first began in ER in FL. A man was shot in the abd., point-blank, by a sawed-off shotgun. He was brought to our ER on the 3-11 shift, where they did surgery in the ER, used 32 units of blood, and threw the blood bags into a corner; they were using them so fast. The man was then airlifted to a Trauma Center in Orlando. 6 weeks later I was working 3-11 when a man came walking through the ambulance door, saying, "this is just the way I remember it, except I was laying down." He then walked into the EXACT trauma room (by then he had several of us as an audience, wondering what the heck was going on) and pointed out the exact places where people had been in the room, the area where the blood bags had been thrown, and recalled, as from a photograph, the actual events and words said in that trauma room the night that he was there! Then an agency nurse from England walked into the room, and he said, "that's her! That's the nurse that said I was a goner, that I had no pulse, and that the Dr. might as well pronounce me!"

Well. My hair nearly stood up straight. I have heard other stories since, but not from someone who had actually been clinically dead!

micro, RN

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were they dreams

or were they out of body experiences

or were they derived from illness or elevated temperature

or were they induced from use of some substance..........

or were they from an yet understood area of the brain

or are they just what they are but must be accepted with a degree of faith.........

*is the % still correct, do they say we still only utilize 10% of our brains*

OUR BRAINS.......the unknown territory

verrrrrrrrry interesting subject


I voted one way, but

*if I told you I have had a "few" in my life, would you still "respect me in the morning" :)


you rock,

as always,



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Wellll, Micro, you brought up an angle that I had considered when I posted this thread, but since the medical phenomena are known as "0ut-of body-experiences," that is what I called them.

Yep, I think there are several ways we can be "out of body." Dreams do it for me, a lot!

Out of sight, out of mind?:D :roll ;)


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Yep. Happened to me in the ER of Albany Medical Center, 1973.

I was 19, and I collapsed at work. Came into ER in hypolvemic shock. No BP. They couldn't get an IV. I thought, geez, I'm in a roomful of people and I'm dying! How can that be? I passed out.

When I "came to", "I" was hovering over the room where my body was, and I could see the ER doc's white-coated back and head bent as he worked, frantically trying to get a line in. I couldn't see me, because he was leaning over me. I wasn't scared, just interested.

Suddenly, darkness (and fear), tunnel (though I felt more like I was pushed than pulled), light, then I "spilled" into this awesome light, brighter than the sun, but it didn't hurt my eyes-- and I knew the light was God. I was overwhelmed with His love and forgiveness of me. He loved me!

I wanted to stay right there, forever. But He wanted me to come back here; He had things for me to do.

So.....here I am, just trying to make myself useful til I can go "home to stay" :D


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Gosh, Sleepy! What a story! Awesome!

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Wow...sleepy....I believe those things truly do happen as people say they do although I haven't had one as yet. I, too, am simply waiting my turn to fnally go home to be with my Lord! :kiss


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"...clues may hide in the mind."

You can't trick me. There's nothing in my mind.


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Chuckle! To borrow a phrase, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste!"

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