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Ok, so I just resigned yesterday from my first nursing job after the 10th week of orientation on a neuro ICU. I realized that this was the complete wrong fit for me and that going to a less acute... Read More

  1. by   lotstolearn
    i am a new grad med/surg float nurse and one of the floors i float to is the ortho floor. It is very specialized and the patients are definitely heavy, but i am learning so much on this floor and love floating there!
  2. by   P_RN
    Just because it is an ortho floor does not mean you won't have medical problems with your patients. Plus there is the WON-derful idea of bed assignment people that a nurse is a nurse when at midnight you get an acutely ill medical/cardiac etc patient because after all YOU have the bed. You will get plenty of excitement in ortho so you can keep your med/surg/neuro and even OB/GYN on a rare day.

    I personally found ortho MY niche. Try it you may like it.
  3. by   carltjm3
    Quote from jdub3
    If you want to run around pushing pain meds every 5 minutes, transferr to commode and ambulate hips, knees and backs. Sure.......
  4. by   P_RN
    jdub it's not always like that. What size facility do you work in that gives pain meds q 5 mins?
  5. by   carltjm3
    I work in a 34 bed ortho floor and Yes I agree with this original post. BUT I love it!!!
  6. by   smiles04
    OOOOOOOOThat first comment fumes me!!! YES it is a good Idea usually med surg and ortho go hand n hand. You will get awesome experience and ortho is really cool. You get to know the surgeries performed most frequently and know the docs well and what they use and like med wise and when they dc the patients what they go home with. If you love helping basically HEALTHY people than go for it. These people usually have optional surgeries or a broken hip leg etc from a fall. They love caring helpful people and when they are in pain THEY ARE just be compassionate and understanding make sure your round and check on them on beginning shift regarding meds pain and positioning. Of course BLEEDING on the post ops that are fresh. Have fun ortho is alot of fun and you can have great patients or bad ones but that depends on you your attitude and management. THERE ARE NO BAD PATIENTS JUST BAD NURSE be a good nurse. hugs and smiles
  7. by   SheilaORN
    I work at Ortho/neuro unit, i started a residency program in October so far i like it n i have learned a lot, ortho/neuro pts can have different kind of medical conditions so u get to see diff. things. The only draw back about my floor is i get 6pts day shift and lots of interventions to chart on, when it's a bad day u get pts calling you here and there then u get behind on charting, then u have to stay over to catch up with charting which takes forever. PT and OT are also big help to us not forgeting our PCTs TEAM work. So far planning to stay atleast 2 yrs, as a new grad i'm glad i started here.
  8. by   Marshall1
    Yes, I think its a great place for a new grad! It's hard work but all nursing is but you will learn so much - if I ever went back into a hospital setting I would definitely choose ortho (I've worked different areas).
  9. by   nurseniki511
    go for it!!!! ortho is the only floor specialty i will ever take! you will be so great at time management and have an unbelievable bedside manner. things can get hairy quick but after a couple near-codes, you can pick up and intervene quick! good luck
  10. by   ruaalien2
    I'm glad to see this thread. I'm hoping to get into NS for the fall and ortho is an area that I really would like to try out. Ideally I'd like to get myself into a hospital that does a lot of ortho like HSS or HJD in NY and be on a peds floor so it would be a lot of peds ortho. I think it combines two areas (peds and ortho) that I have a lot of interest in.
  11. by   naitata
    "THERE ARE NO BAD PATIENTS JUST BAD NURSE", this comment is almost insulting to us all nurses, don't put us down we work very hard.
    which part of the planet do you live, ortho patient's are the most demanding. I have worked in all wards ortho is heavy and lot of running around.
  12. by   VURN2010
    I just started on an Ortho floor and absolutely love it. This would be a great fit for you to just start to feel comfortable with routines, talking w/ docs and if you'd like to see happier outcomes.

    I would also say that it probably depends where you work. I used to say I'd never do ortho because I worked somewhere where nurses had 7-8 patients and could flex up to 10. To me, especially as a new grad, that is absolutely absurd. I know people do it, but I feel with less patients you have more time to work on getting them well controlled on pain, moving with their CPMs and out of bed and eventually out the door.
    I'm also at a teaching hospital and as mentioned before we have the same group of interns. It's wonderful. We learn together & address each other as peers. This has made my life a lot easier because I never feel uncomfortable paging/calling/text paging when I need something or want to inform them of smaller changes/preferences or NEED them for a change in status. You do see a variety of co-morbidities and different devices, but its' a great place to start because most patients fit a standard routine.

    good luck! PM with questions!
  13. by   Franjcamp
    I have been a nurse for 25 years and worked ortho for 12 and let me tell you ortho is physically stressing. You run, you pull, you tug, you really give your back legs and knees an awful workout. I think because orthopedics is not considered to be as acute as cardiac, neuro etc they are often not staffed as well. I saw several of the nurse that I worked with be actually fearful of being pulled to other floors cause they only knew ortho. Ortho is okay, but take some advise from an old nurse do your self a favor don't stay on any floor for your whole career.